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Fits: All Motorcycles (Universal)


Light Type: LED
Color: Red
Price: $49.32
Qty: Kit

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Fits: All Motorcycles (Universal)


Light Type: LED
Color: Green
Price: $50.43
Qty: Kit

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At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of underbody lights to ensure that you have every undercar light option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of underbody lights, so that whether you are looking for LED underbody lights or specifically neon undercar lights or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your undercar light needs!


Installing a new underbody light kit is like opening the floodgates of popularity, and the galaxies will become your oyster as you cruise your intergalactic space vessel throughout the cosmos while blasting Van Halen. That, or you'll be one of the coolest guys on your street - whichever scenario would be most likely to apply to you. Either way, showing off your underbody light kit will certainly get you plenty of attention, and as long as it’s installed correctly won't get you the wrong kind of attention!

Ever since that one movie came out - you know the one we're referring to - underbody lighting kits have become one of the most popular mods for people who love to drive at night. Of course, they were fairly popular before then, but that movie about all those fast cars and furious drivers really gave the aftermarket lighting industry a boost! Although neon has been the most popular form of underbody light kit throughout the years, LED kits have gained momentum due to their unique look.

Underbody light kits are completely legal in most states as long as two conditions are met. First, neon tubes must not be directly visible, meaning that only the "glow" should be seen. Second, the color red must not be visible to the front of the vehicle in order to adhere to laws concerning emergency vehicle lighting. Surprisingly, blue is usually fine as it is not an "official" emergency vehicle color (yes, even in California!). As always, your local laws may vary, so you should verify this with your local law enforcement code books if it might be a concern where you live.
Q: What does an underbody light kit come with?
A: Unless specified otherwise on our site, the kit comes with four tubes, two large ones that run along the length of the car, and two shorter ones that go left to right along the wheel axles or bumpers. The kits also come with wiring and an on/off switch that you can install anywhere in your car to control the lights.

Q: How do you install underbody light kits?
A: The kits come with hardware, and you can really mount them wherever you want. They can be mounted to the frame of the car, or to the underside of your rocker panels. Just find that location on the bottom of your car that works best and mount the light tubes using the hardware provided.

Q: What is an underbody light kit? Why buy one?
A: An underbody kit is a set of light tubes that you attach to the undercarriage of your vehicle. They have a cool effect and give your car a glow at night that dramatically differentiates it from the crowd.

Q: What is the difference between a neon underbody light kit and an LED underbody light kit?
A: For neon kits, the light tube is one solid color across the entire tube. For LED kits, you see each lit bulb individually within the tube, and they are often brighter.

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