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Andy's Auto Sport is a world class auto parts retailer. We have worked very hard to earn this reputation, and we consider it our exclusive responsibility to uphold this reputation with our customers.
In the Auto Parts Industry, Andy's Auto Sport is widely acclaimed as a leader in the industry. Check out the reasons why:
  • Our enormous website has more than 12 million web pages filled with custom auto parts. We cater to a huge array of vehicles, and for many vehicles we have one of the largest selections of custom auto parts available on earth. The media has taken notice of us with enthusiasm. Speed, Style, and Sound Magazine say "Andy's has always been good to us. Great Service, timely shipping, and the exact parts we wanted in perfect shape." Performance Auto & Sound Magazine says, "Andy's Auto Sport is a true aftermarket leader and trusted dealer who understands the needs of today's tuner."
  • Major manufacturers like Borla, Injen Technology, Hotchkis, Goodmark, Clutchmasters, Extreme Dimensions, Pro Comp, and Vertical Doors Inc (just to name a handfull) directly collaborate with us on their marketing efforts because they recognize our posture in the industry.
  • We have our own video production studio that we call Andy's Auto Sport TV. We make a series of videos that help our customers better understand the products we sell, ranging from product demonstrations to how-to videos. Our videos have been hailed by a variety of media sources as being top shelf productions. The TV show Two Guys Garage on the Speed Channel said "The cool thing about Andy's is they not only sell the products, but they also give you tips and videos to help you." Import Tuner, the magazine publication, also took notice of our video series saying "For tips and tricks when building your ride, be sure to check out Andy's Auto Sport TV."
  • We have been one of the largest advertisers in major industry magazines like Super Street and Import Tuner. We also have advertising exposure in magazines like Truckin', Off-Road, Camaro Performers, and more. We have been one of the biggest advertisers in the Sport Compact division of Source Interlink, who is the largest automotive magazine publisher in the world.
  • We're located in California and have more than 28 employees. More than half our staff is our customer service and sales team, and we have a website staff of more than 10 people whose only job is to add more products to our website, to update existing product listings, and to make our website easier for customers to use.
Andy's Auto Sport constantly gets praise from leading manufacturers in the Industry:

Mike Spagnola, the President of Street Scene and a board member of SEMA, says, "One thing we enjoy about Andy's is that you guys are still enthusiasts. So not only do you know to sell the right parts and to give the customer what he's looking for, but you know how to make recommendations too."
Steven Anderson from NRG says "If there is anyone in question, I would have them buy the products from you guys at Andy's."

Scott Poncher, the President of Readylift, encourages customers to buy Readylift products from Andy's based on the lengths we go to in order to help our customers.
Shawn Gibson from Gibson Exhaust says that Andy's makes purchases easy and smooth for customers.

David Borla from Borla exhaust urges customers to buy the Borla line from Andy's Auto Sport.
Matt Dawson from Champion Radiators says "Andy's Auto Sport does a great job of serving customers!"

  • Andy's Auto Sport makes its own exclusive line of styling products. Our products have been featured on hit shows like "Pimp My Ride" on MTV, and on "Trucks!" at Powerblock TV. There was even a feature done of Andy's Auto Sport in the hit DVD series "Street Fury".

Our sales staff and customer service staff are made aware that they have one objective with their positions at Andy's Auto Sport, which is to make sure each and every single customer that they help walk away satisfied with their experience. If we're not doing that, then we don't deserve your business.

In making a commitment to customer service, Andy's Auto Sport also acknowledges the importance of offering outstanding prices. We compare our prices with many other major distributors to ensure we are offering the best deal available. We want to price our products so well that it makes your buying decisions very simple.

We take this business very seriously, and we expect you'll be able to tell that when you order from us. Contact us if you have any questions.

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