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Fits: 02-07 Impreza WRX/STI, 08 Impreza STI


Qty: Each

Fits: 99-03 Ford F250 7.3L, 99-03 Ford F350 7.3L

PART# 48662

Qty: Kit

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of turbo elbows to ensure that you have every turbo elbow option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of turbo elbows, so that whether you are looking for a cheap turbo elbow or a high-end turbo elbow or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your turbo elbow needs!

If you have a turbocharged vehicle then you already know how important intake flow characteristics are. OEM elbows are restrictive and can rob your vehicle of horsepower. But aftermarket turbo elbows provide greatly improved flow that will boost horsepower, and their improved designs also provide added durability for a long lifespan. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a great selection of turbo elbows for you to choose from. So whether you want a straight forward design or a flashier unit, you are sure to find the perfect turbo elbows for your application in our extensive lineup.
Turbochargers boost the pressure of the intake charge in order to make more horsepower. This boost in pressure can also cause leaks if hoses and connections are not in tip top shape. When a leak occurs it is potentially dangerous as it can cause lean mixture, detonation, and potentially destroy the motor. Having high quality parts is the best way to reduce your chances of getting a boost leak. New turbo elbows are an essential part of this equation. Don't spend big bucks on a turbo setup only to cheap out here. Invest in some quality turbo elbows to keep your vehicle running strong.
Q: What are turbo elbows? Why buy them?
A: Turbo elbows are a part of the turbo piping that contains a 90 degree bend which forms an elbow. Turbo elbow is a term commonly used for the inlet pipe portion of the turbo but it can really refer to any portion of the turbo setup with a 90 degree bend in it. In a stock setup turbo elbows are notoriously restrictive and can be a major source of flow restriction. By stepping up to an aftermarket elbow you improve flow and see significant horsepower gains. In addition aftermarket turbo elbows boast superior construction so they will last much longer than the original units, they will not expand under pressure, and they will do a better job of dealing with the incredibly high temperatures that turbo setups give off.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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