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Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of quick releases to ensure that you have every quick release option is available to you. If you're looking to improve the looks of your interior or add functionality, Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your quick release needs!

If you've got a fixed racing seat or a roll cage in your car, chances are it's not too roomy inside. Quick-releases help you move in and out of your car with ease. By using a quick release, you can easily slip the steering wheel off of its column and rest it on the dash while you exit your vehicle in style. Installing a quick release is also a great theft deterrent, because you can remove the steering wheel from the car while parking it overnight.
Installing a quick release in your car may require the fitting of a special hub to make sure it sits in place. The combination of a quick release and the right hub can shorten or lengthen the distance between you and the steering wheel, so your comfort and driving posture can be greatly improved with just a few minor modifications.
Q: If I buy a steering wheel quick release, will I still need to buy a hub adapter?
A: Yes. The hub adapter is what allows the steering wheel to bolt onto your car, while the quick release allows you to remove your steering wheel for security and exiting your vehicle more easily.

Q: What is a quick release? Why buy one? If I want to put an aftermarket steering wheel on my vehicle, is it necessary to buy a quick release or is it optional?
A: Quick releases are steering wheel hubs that allow you to quickly and easily remove the entire steering wheel from the steering column. This allows easier access into your vehicle and can also be used as a theft deterrent to keep criminals from swiping your ride while you are away. If you have ever watched a car race and seen the drivers get in or out of their race cars, chances are you have seen a quick release in action. In race cars, bulky roll cages and racing seats make it extremely cramped when trying to climb inside the cockpit. A quick release hub lets the driver completely remove the steering wheel for much easier access, and then simply reattach it once they are in place.

If you are looking to purchase an aftermarket steering wheel you may also need to buy a hub adapter kit. However you do not have to buy a quick release hub adapter. Non-release hubs are available for most steering wheels and this quick release style adapter is completely optional. In fact many companies only recommend them for off road (track or show) use. While these quick release wheels have built in safety measures to prevent accidental removal, it is possible to intentionally remove the wheel while driving, which is incredibly hazardous, so great care must be taken when operating a vehicle with this type of wheel fitted. If you do race or want to give your show car a trick interior touch, these quick release steering wheel hubs are really hard to beat.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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