Jeep Commander Buyer's Guide

Impact Absorber - Rear

If you've suffered a rear-end collision and are in need of some replacement parts for a reasonable rate, these rear impact absorbers from Sherman, a top manufacturer of OEM-style products, are a great way to save some money on your repair bill. Built to the same standards of the OEM parts, these Sherman auto parts are some of the best products to install on your Commander, and they're available for a reasonable $71.23 each from Andy's Auto Sport.


Mr. Gasket

Ultra-Seal Exhaust Manifold Gasket Kit

If you're looking to get the most out of your exhaust system and have the best seals possible, this gasket kit will help ensure you'll be without any exhaust leaks. Intended for high-performance uses, these header gaskets are made from a graphite-steel composition that diverts heat away from the engine block. Available at Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable $26.99 a piece.



Metal Fenders

Sherman's metal fenders are built to the same stringent OEM standards that the stock Jeep parts are made. For a reasonable $191.39 each, you can expedite your repair process and save some money at the same time.



Aluminum Hoods

Sherman's OEM-style auto parts are built to the same lofty standards that the stock Jeep parts are made. If you're looking to fix your Commander after a mild front end collision, this aluminum hood from Sherman will save you time and money. Available through Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable $711.32 each.



Single Straight Rear Catback Exhaust System

Magnaflow, an industry leader in exhaust systems, presents this fantastic bolt-on catback that will help jump start your Commander's tuning program. Made from sturdy stainless steel, this product will provide long-lasting performance in such realms as: increasing torque and horsepower figures, sharpening throttle response, and adding a distinctive exhaust note that will certainly give your Commander a new side to its character. Available through Andy's Auto Sport for a very reasonable $665.02, which includes free shipping!


American Racing

Classic Torque Racing

American Racing's line of performance-inspired wheels are some of the most cherished automotive accessories for the Jeep Commander because they look great, they're lightweight and they improve brake cooling, so what's not to like? The Classic Torque models feature a timeless five-spoke design that look good on most American cars, from Mustangs to Aerostars. Available through Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable starting price of $336.82 each.


Spec D

Pet Rear Seat Cover 130x135cm

Keeping pet dander off your car's upholstery is a difficult trick without a specified car seat cover from Spec D, who makes some of the best automotive accessories around. Designed for easy installation and simple cleaning, this well-designed auto part is also quite inexpensive, too, at just $28.80 each via Andy's Auto Sport.



Navigator Floor Mats (Aluminum)

If you're looking to keep your Commander's interior clean and give it a very interesting, high-quality look, these aluminum floormats from Sparco, an industry leader in automotive parts, are a great way to start outfitting your car. This stylish look is available through Andy's Auto Sport for a very reasonable $130.00 each.