Honda Element Buyer's Guide



Bumper Cover (Front)

Sherman Auto's line of OEM-style replacement parts are well known in the automotive community for their consistent levels of quality: they're built to the same exacting standards as the pieces that come out of the Honda factory. This particular bumper cover, which comes unpainted and primered, is a great alternative to ordering a new Honda piece as it's typically much less expensive and it looks just as good. Available through Andy's Auto Sport for a very reasonable $139.36 a piece.


Headers are a fantastic way to get the sensations your can provide to you, yet are limited by the restrictive stock exhaust system. With a proper set of aftermarket headers, you'll feel better connected with your Element due to sharpened throttle response, improved torque and horsepower and a distinctive, throaty exhaust note that will leave you smiling. Check out the selection at Andy's Auto Sport, a great retailer for automotive performance parts.



Fenders (CAPA Certified)

Sherman Auto's line of OEM-style replacement parts has gained notoriety due to being well-designed yet cheaper than the alternative. These metal fenders, which are great for the person looking to renovate their Element on a budget, are certified by CAPA, which is a non-profit organization that provides detailed testing and inspection procedures to ensure products are of high quality. Available through Andy's Auto Sport for a very reasonable $59.87 a fender.


VIS Racing

Carbon Fiber Hood - OEM Style

VIS Racing's line of aftermarket auto accessories have been turning headers for some time due to their consistent levels of build quality, fantastic presentation and affordability. This particular hood, made from lightweight carbon fiber, has the same shape as the OEM-hood yet looks a bit more interesting with its exposed carbon weave. Plus the lightweight construction helps improve handling so that it will have the responsive turning feel of a Civic, so what's not to like? Available for a reasonable sale price of $540.02 each via Andy's Auto Sport.

2003-9999 Honda Element VIS Carbon Fiber Hood - OEM Style



60mm Super SES Exhaust w/ SS Tip

Injen's auto parts are widely regarded as mid-to-high ranking, balancing quality with affordability as well if not better than most of its competition. Available through Andy's Auto Sport for only $596.87, this performance exhaust system is designed to improve mid- to low-range torque, sharpen throttle response, and give your Element a distinct, sporty exhaust note that will leave you smiling. Straight through muffler design and a sturdy stainless steel construction make this system a real winner.

2003-9999 Honda Element Injen 60mm Super SES Exhaust System w/ SS Tip


Buddy Club

P1 Racing QF

These six-spoke, sports-inspired wheels will help your Element stand out on the street. In addition, these choice auto accessories are lightweight, thereby reducing unsprung weight, and they also improve brake cooling. Starting at a reasonable $576.00 per wheel, these interesting bits of kits will renovate your Element's exterior in no time.




SP Series Intake (Black Powder Coat)

This intake, which converts easily to a short ram style intake, promises gains of 18 horsepower and 15 lb/ft of torque while still maintaining a healthy A/F ratio. This is a simple-to-install intake system that improves performance, adds a great induction noise and spruces up your engine bay. Available through Andy's Auto Sport at a reasonable $282.96 a piece.

2003-9999 Honda Element Injen Air Intakes - SP Series (Black Powder Coat)


Dimension Lab

OEM-Style Replacement


Dimension Lab's replacement OEM-style headlights are a fantastic auto part to look into if you've had a mild front-end collision and you're looking to renovate your car on a tight budget and a limited time frame. This particular headlight is built to the exact same specifications and standards as the OEM-part and is bound to work for a long, long time. Available Andy's Auto Sport at a reasonable $104.82 a piece.

2003-9999 Honda Element Dimension Lab Headlights - OEM Style Replacement (Driver Side)