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Fits: 74-78 Mustang II


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2005-2010 Ford Mustang Complete Power Steering Rack and Pinion Unit Assembly OEM

Imagine driving a vehicle without control of the steering; unless you are driving a train on a track that doesn't work out so well. The steering rack is the system on most modern day vehicles that transmits what you do to the steering wheel into actual motion on the car. The steering rack gives a mechanical advantage to the driver allowing for quick and precise turning motions any time the steering wheel is moved. Like most components, steering racks are prone to wear and failure over time. If your steering rack fails it can have serious repercussions including accidents and fatalities. If you have any doubts about your steering rack, look through our large assortment of replacement racks and put your mind at ease with a brand new unit.
Steering racks first gained popularity with sports car and racing enthusiasts thanks to their quick ratios and great steering feel. Most steering racks do not have as much of a mechanical advantage as steering boxes so they tend to be used on lighter vehicles, however this also means more precise and direct steering feel which gives improved road feedback and better handling. Now racks have become standard fare on most passenger vehicles thanks to advancements such as power assist and variable ratios. These high-tech steering racks give the great driving feel of rack designs with the increased mechanical advantage of a steering box. Technology really is a wonderful thing.
Q: What is a steering rack? Why buy one?
A: The steering rack’s job is to take your steering input at the steering wheel and translate that into turning motion at the front wheels. This is a crucial job and any slop or slack in the system can cause imprecise steering, premature tire wear and dangerous handling. New high-quality steering racks will restore your vehicle’s performance to keep it tracking straight down the road and hugging every curve. These racks offer superior construction and are available in different finishes to give your ride a spruced up look. In addition it is possible to find steering racks in different ratios that will give you faster steering response for track or back road driving. The bottom line is if your steering rack is feeling worn out, you are putting your life at risk. Do not gamble with your old steering rack, put a brand new rack in and drive with confidence.

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