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Fits: 02-03 GDA Impreza WRX, Not STI

PART# 666 311 BJ22

Position: Rear
Qty: Each

Fits: DC Integra, EG Civic, EK Civic

PART# 315 526 A

Qty: Each

Qty: Each

Fits: CF4/6/7, CH9 Accord

PART# 342 510 AN

Qty: Each

Fits: AE86 3DR Hatch

PART# 117 800 AA

Qty: Each

Fits: DC Integra, EG Civic, EK Civic

PART# 317 022 SP

Qty: Each

Fits: EK4 Civic

PART# 311 211 A

Qty: Each

Fits: CR-Z ZF1

PART# 00B 6CA V13T

Qty: Each

Qty: Each

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Qty: Pair

Cusco is a premiere Japanese brand of performance parts, producing roll cages, limited slip differentials, chassis stiffening components, coilover suspensions, suspension arms, underbody guards, clutches, engine parts, and wings. There are very few automotive aftermarket companies as esteemed as Cusco, and its products are always worth the extra cost. Even still, Andy's Auto Sport always spends every effort to bring you the absolute lowest possible prices on Cusco performance parts.

If you don't like to make compromises, Cusco is right up your alley. Cusco always builds is parts to be the best of the best, which is why its products often cost a bit more when compared to other brands. What you get, however, is a top notch product that will outlast most (if not all) others under the toughest of conditions. You can buy Cusco parts knowing that they're never second-best and always on the forefront of performance technology.
Cusco doesn't just test its products on any tracks, it actively competes in many major motorsports under grueling conditions with the intent to win. That means full-on pedal-to-the-metal, drive it 'til it breaks experience with new products before they hit production. This ensures that all Cusco parts can handle worst-case driving scenarios and will lead a long life in the hands of the average consumer.
Cusco limited slip differential's are available in 1-way, 1.5-way and 2-way setups to suit every driving condition. Cusco's 1-way LSD activates during acceleration only, and is recommended for daily driving. 1.5-way LSD activates under acceleration and understeer is less than on the 2-way LSD. Recommended for drivers having difficulty with 2 way LSD understeer, or for those not wanting to setup for drift use. The 2-way LSD activates on both acceleration and deceleration. Recommended for those who prefer hot driving action and big angle drifting.

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