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Fits: 92-00 Civic, 94-01 Integra, 97-01 Cr-V, 98-02 Accord

PART# 8092

Retail: $21.95
Qty: Each

Fits: 75-79 Nova, 75-86 Blazer K5, 75-86 C10 Pickup, 75-86 C10 Suburban, 75-86 C15/C1500 Pickup, 75-86 C20 Pickup, 75-86 C20 Suburban, 75-86 C25/C2500 Picku ...

PART# 8427

Retail: $7.86
Qty: Each

Fits: 94-01 Integra, 94-97 Civic Del Sol, 99-00 Civic

PART# 8235

Retail: $61.95
Qty: Each

Fits: 70-73 Mustang, 70-79 E-100 Econoline, 75-76 E-350 Econoline, 75-76 F-150 Pickup, 75-79 E-150 Econoline, 75-79 E-250 Econoline

PART# 35399

Size: 8.5mm
Color: Red
Retail: $99.60
Qty: Each

Fits: 65-95 Mustang, 66-95 Bronco, 67-93 Cougar, 68-83 E-100 Econoline, 72-95 F-250 Pickup, 72-95 F-350 Pickup, 75-95 E-150 Econoline, 75-95 E-250 Econoline ...

PART# 5090

Retail: $357.10
Qty: Each

Fits: 73 Regal

PART# 8517

Retail: $397.40
Qty: Each

Fits: 67-70 Mustang, 75-76 F-150 Pickup

PART# 8595

Retail: $521.00
Qty: Each

Fits: 00-04 Focus, 01-06 Caravan, 01-06 Pt Cruiser, 02-03 Ram 2500 Pickup, 02-03 Ram 3500 Pickup, 02-05 Ram 1500 Pickup, 02-06 Liberty (Kj), 03-04 Escape, 0 ...

PART# 62112

Retail: $707.95
Qty: Each

Fits: 94-01 Integra

PART# 82933

Retail: $57.40
Qty: Each

Fits: 92-95 Wrangler (87-95Yj), 92-98 Cherokee (Xj), 92 Comanche, 93-98 Grand Cherokee (Zj), 97-98 Wrangler (97-06Tj)

PART# 32233

Size: 8.5mm
Color: Black
Retail: $85.30
Qty: Each

Fits: 85-86 C10 Pickup, 85-86 C10 Suburban, 85-86 C15/C1500 Pickup, 85-86 C20 Pickup, 85-86 C20 Suburban, 85-86 C25/C2500 Pickup, 85-86 C30 Pickup, 85-86 C3 ...

PART# 31413

Size: 8.5mm
Color: Black
Retail: $102.70
Qty: Each

Fits: 92-03 Dakota, 94-01 Ram 1500 Pickup, 94-02 Ram 2500 Pickup, 94-02 Ram 3500 Pickup

PART# 32183

Size: 8.5mm
Color: Black
Retail: $93.40
Qty: Each

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BIG BLOCK FORD FE MSD Pro-Billet Ready-To-Run Distributor 8595

MSD 4253 Enhancer Ignition Control Module

Msd optispark obd2 97 lt1

Mallory MSD 6AL No.6420 Ignition Box Nice W/BOX Wiring & Accessories

MSD 8984 Starter Saver

MSD Ignition Products builds race-proven parts that will add horsepower and responsiveness to your vehicle, even if it's just your grocery-getter. However, we get the feeling that if you're looking for MSD Ignition Products, whether it's spark plug wires, distributors, ignition boxes, or ignition coils, you have a little more planned for your ride than picking up a gallon of milk! Check out our assortment of MSD parts to see how easy it is to make your ride rip!

If getting the most out of your engine's ignition and timing for more performance and efficiency doesn't appeal to you, there's probably not much we can, or should do, to try to convince you. If, however, you're on the lookout for ways to boost your vehicle's ignition capabilities and maximize its performance gain potential with quality components, you owe it to your ride to include MSD Ignition Products on your list of upgrades.
An upgraded ignition system not only improves power and torque, but it also improves fuel economy by maximizing combustion efficiency and reducing the amount of wasted fuel. MSD Ignition Products are a reliable way to boost spark (more spark equals more horsepower), resulting in easier engine starting and cleaner-burning spark plugs. So, let's look at the downside of using MSD Ignition Products - oh wait, there aren't any!
It always impresses us when a company is able to effectively solve a technical barrier, and in the process ends up creating something that not only works, but solves other problems as well. MSD Ignition was developed to solve a weak spark condition that presented itself when Autotronic Controls Corporation (MSD's parent company) invented the lean-burning Electrasonic Fuel Induction system, which was designed to improve fuel economy. With the MSD unit's capacitive discharge design firing off multiple sparks during combustion (MSD stands for "Multiple Spark Discharge," by the way), not only was the lean air/fuel mixture able to ignite, but it also improved starting and idle, and it also created more power with fewer emissions. Today, MSD Ignition is considered the undisputed leader in the field of performance ignition parts, and offers everything from individual ignition components to complete systems.

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