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Seat Armour NCAA Towel Seat Cover - Kentucky Wildcats

Part#: SA100KENT

Logo : Ncaa
Color : Blue
Accent Color : Black
Passenger Driver : Either
Material : Cotton Terry
Row : 1st/2nd/3rd - Velour

  Seat Armour NCAA Towel Seat Cover - Kentucky Wildcats

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Fits On:

All Jeeps (Universal), All Vehicles (Universal)

A brand-new car deserves a brand-new seat. As your car comes with original upholstery that cannot be replaced frequently, it is essential that you keep it clean and free from normal wear and tear. With Seat Armour you can protect your car seat and yourself with this multi-functional towel that you can carry wherever you go.

•Protects seats against stains, odor, perspiration, spills, odor, pet dander, scratches, and other substances.
•Easily slides down over headrest to form fit seat.
•Made of 100% cotton terry/velour that is soft to touch; machine washable.
As gearheads who typically like to have our cars look their absolute best, it's a little frustrating when we sit down in our cars, only to remember that we were just underneath trying to find an exhaust leak, or that we have to pick up our sweaty little brother from the gym in an hour. What to do when you don't want your seats to get dirty or to get any undue wear and tear? Seat Armour has an answer with its car seat towels, which promise to protect your vehicle's seats against damage, keeping them looking as new as the day you bought it. The company's 100-percent terry/velour covers are even available with dozens of licensed logos to show off your pride in your favorite vehicle make, sports team, or military affiliation.
Q: Is every seat cover you show for my car specifically tailored for my car seat?
A: No. We sell universal seat covers as well as car-specific tailored seat covers. On our site where we list the seat covers, we indicate next to each cover "Fits on". If it says "Fits on all cars", or "Universal", then it is a universal cover that will likely not fit your seat like a glove. If the 'fits on' lists your specific vehicle, that means the seat cover is specifically tailored to the seats in your vehicle, and will fit snug like a glove.

Q: Why buy seat covers?
A: The upholstry on your factory seats is prone to wearing out over time. Seat covers are a great way to make the seat more comfortable to sit on and to freshen up the look of the interior of your car.

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