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Muteki Closed End Lug Nuts 12x1.5 (Purple)

SALE $55.25
For 20

Part#: 41886L

Color : Purple

  Muteki Closed End Lug Nuts 12x1.5 (Purple)


Fits On:
00-Up Chrysler Pt Cruiser, 00-Up Ford Focus, 00-Up Hyundai Accent Gl/Gs/L, 00-Up Hyundai Tiburon, 00-Up Kia Rio, 00-Up Lexus I... See more

Muteki 12x1.5 lug nuts are the perfect addition to your new wheels. The new lug nuts allow for an extremely thin lug nut so you don't scratch your new wheels. These lugs come with a special key adapter to install and remove the lug nuts so you don't have to put a large socket close to the wheel and scratch it. Muteki lug nuts are made of cold forged 1008 steel. Package includes 20 lug nuts + 1 socket key adapter.
Muteki has been a part of the tuner vocabulary for many years, and the company's lug nuts are very often found on our staff vehicles due to their strength, light weight, and affordable cost. Muteki's closed-end lug nuts are very popular for show vehicles for a finished look, while the company's open-ended lug nuts are often used in conjunction with extended wheel studs. If the wheels you have or are planning on buying have small lug holes (very common with performance/racing wheels), Muteki lug nuts are perfect, as standard lug nuts will usually not fit. As lightweight as Muteki’s are, we were at first very hesitant to torque them down too much or even to use them on the track, but we quickly learned that they are actually very strong and are made of cold-forged 1008 steel. After years of track use, they're still holding strong.
Q: What are lug nuts? Why buy them?
A: Lug nuts are the crucial pieces that connect your wheels to your vehicle. While factory lug nuts may do an adequate job on a stock machine, aftermarket wheels and performance upgrades often require upgraded lug nuts to match. High performance lug nuts are designed for the rigors of high speed driving to provide maximum strength to keep your wheels secure. In addition these lug nuts are light weight which reduces rotational mass and unsprung weight to maximize your vehicle’s performance and handling characteristics. Available in a host of different finishes and designs you can find the perfect lug nuts to give ride a distinctive look that is the perfect match for your wheels. In addition lug nuts are an affordable upgrade for even budget minded enthusiasts.

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