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Champion Aluminum Radiator - 2 Row

  Champion Aluminum Radiator - 2 Row

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Fits On:

87-04 YJ 2.4, 2.4, V4, 4.0, 4.2, V6

• All aluminum tanks, cores, brackets and welds, absolutely no epoxy
• Higher density core: cooling rows are spaced 3/8" apart: giving you 25% more rows than any others in Champion's price range and 35% more rows than OEM copper
• Aluminum dissipates heat more efficiently than copper or brass
• 14-16 cooling fins per inch giving you approximately 1,500 more cooling fins than other aluminum radiators and approximately 3,000 more than OEM copper radiators
• Lighter weight
• Outperforms other 2 row aluminum as well as 3 and 4 row copper radiators
• High performance appearance.
• Billet Fill Neck
• Aircraft Grade Aluminum 2MM Thick Fittings and Tanks
• 100% TIG Welded
• High Performance 16lb Cap Included
• Brazed Core Technology
• OEM Style Brass Petcock Located on Back of Tank

The differences among Champion's different types of radiators are:
Economy Series 2-Row: Gives you performance on a budget
Standard Series 3-Row: Better performance than the 2-Row, but with an added cost
Monster Series 4-Row: All-out show car look and performance

2 Row Core Thickness: 1 3/4
3 Row Core Thickness: 2
3 Row Tank Thickness: 2 1/2
4 Row Core Thickness: 2 3/4
4 Row Tank Thickness: 3 1/8
Core Dem: 18 1/2 x 20
Overall: 23 1/2 x 25 1/2
Hose Locations: In - Pass / Out - Driver
Hose Fittings: In - 1 1/4, Out - 1 1/2
Trans/Heater: Yes
Mounting Type: Bracket Mount
Bracket Specs: Vert - 13 1/4, Hor - 24 3/8
Champion Radiators, based out of Orange, California, is a company that develops high-quality cooling products. By using some of the highest quality aluminum in their ISO-certified factory, the products from Champion reflect their mantra of quality over quantity. With lifetime guarantees on their radiators, Champion Radiators looks out for the satisfaction of their customers.
Q: What is a radiator? Why buy a radiator?
A: A radiator is a device that cools the entire engine by using a water and antifreeze mixture. The mixture flows through your cooling system, passing through the radiator and back where it is cooled again by convection with the air. Aftermarket performance radiators offer 30% more cooling than standard radiators in many cases, and are great for high performance motors. When your engine is cooler, your car performs better and can go faster.

Q: How do you install a radiator?
A: Radiators are manufactured specifically per vehicle application to ensure the best in fitment, just like your original radiator. Remove your factory unit and install the aftermarket radiator in its place.

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