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Belltech Drive Line Angle Correction Kit W/ 4" Drop

  Belltech Drive Line Angle Correction Kit w/ 4

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Part#: 4981

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Belltech Drive Line Angle Correction Kit W/ 4" Drop

For each

Part#: 4981

  Belltech Drive Line Angle Correction Kit w/ 4


Fits On:

88-98 C1500 / C2500 / C3500 Pick-Up w/ 2-Piece Driveshaft

When lowering your truck or SUV, many things on your vehicle can change and be put out of their operating range, causing unwanted issues such as:

-Incorrect Wheel Alignment
-Increased tire wear
-Driveline Shudders/Vibrations

Not to worry, Belltech has you covered with its line of Front End alignment kits and Driveline Alignment Kits & Pinion shims.

When you purchase a complete Belltech lowering kit, we go further than any other manufacturer and include EVERYTHING you need to ensure that all alignment and geometry are within factory tolerances.

The next time you compare a Belltech Complete Kit to Brand X, make sure you are comparing Apples to Apples, and not lemons.

Driveline Alignment Kits
Driveshaft Spacer - Universal Pinion Shims - Center Carrier Bearing Kit. If more adjustment for proper rear driveline angle is required, then our Driveline Alignment Kits are your solution. A combination of:

-Driveshaft Spacers
Engineered Application-specific aluminum spacers allow for angle correction of the driveshaft.

-Pinion Shim Kit
Two wedge-shaped shims with ranges from 1 to 6 degrees. New spring center bolts & nuts

Center Carrier Bearing Kit
Adjustable bracketry that allows for fine tuning of the carrier bearing position to your vehicles specific needs

Belltech Driveline Alignment Kits can help make your driveline problems are a thing of the past.
With over 20 years experience in suspension design and manufacturing, Belltech is recognized as the undisputed leader in Sport Truck suspension products. Four times recipient of the prestigious SEMA award for best new product, Belltech started the lowered Sport Truck craze with its award winning lowering kits.

Q: How do you install camber kits?
A: Depending on the car you drive, camber kits are comprised differently. Contact us for installation details, or simply have it installed by professionals.

Q: What do camber kits do? Why buy camber kits?
A: Any amount of ride height change will cause the camber of your tires to change. This means that instead of the tires being perfectly perpendicular to the grant, they will be slight slanted, inward in the case of negative camber, outward in the case of positive camber. It might not always be visible, but having your camber out of adjustment will cause the tire to run on the inside or outside edge only since the tires will be slanted relative to the ground. The lower you go the more negative camber you will get and the faster the tire will wear. There are different camber kits available to combat this problem; the correct kit is determined by how much your camber is away from the factory recommended specification.

Q: Do camber kits come in sets of 4?
A: No, unless otherwise noted, camber kits are sold in sets of 2, so you buy one set for the front and/or one set for the rear.

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