Chevrolet Suburban Lifting Coil Springs

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Chevrolet Suburban Lifting Coil Springs

Shop Chevrolet Suburban Lifting Coil Springs by Year

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Fits: 02-05 Chevrolet Suburban 1500, 02-05 Chevrolet Suburban 2500, 02-05 GMC Yukon XL 1500, 02-05 GMC Yukon XL 2500


Retail: $221.30
Qty: Pair

Fits: 02-05 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500, 02-05 Chevrolet Suburban 1500, 02-05 Chevrolet Tahoe, 02-05 GMC Yukon XL 1500


Retail: $235.54
Qty: Pair


At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Chevrolet Suburban lifting coil springs to ensure that you have every lifting coil spring option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Chevrolet Suburban lifting coil springs, so that whether you are looking for a Chevrolet Suburban coil springs lift or specifically Pro Comp coil springs or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Chevrolet Suburban lifting coil spring needs!


If you have a coil sprung truck or SUV and you want to add larger tires or bit more ground clearance, lifting coil springs are the best way to go. Aftermarket coil springs are designed to lift your rig the right way without cutting corners to ensure you get a safe and stable ride that can conquer any terrain. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a great selection of lifting coil springs for you to choose from. No matter how much lift you are looking for, our selection of top brand lifting coil springs is sure to satisfy your on and off road needs.

There are many ways to lift a truck, but a cheap lift isn't always the best way to go. Unlike other cheaper lifts, lifting coil springs are specifically designed for your vehicle to maximize performance and safety. Spring rates have been carefully chosen to match the weight and height of your rig to keep it steady on its wheels but still allow for plenty of articulation. In addition you can keep your OEM springs on hand in case you ever want to swap back to the original ride height. When it comes to lifting trucks there is not better method than using purpose-built lifting springs.
Q: What are lifting coil springs? Why buy them?
A: Lifting coil springs are springs that will boost the ride height of your vehicle because of their extra length/increased spring rates. If you have a coil spring equipped truck this is one of the best ways to gain extra clearance for bigger wheels and tires, as well as extra room under the truck for driving over rough rounds. Lifting coil springs are designed specifically for your vehicle with the appropriate spring rates to provide safe handling and a decent ride even with the increased vehicle height. If you are looking to level out your ride height or gain some rake you can also order these springs in pairs to lift only one end of your vehicle. When it comes to lifting, do things the right way and gain some height with lifting coil springs.

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