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Small Block Chevy Cars: General Overview
"Small block" refers to a type of V8 high-performance engine that GM put in a variety of Chevy cars from 1955 up through 2002. The same engine block was used by Chevy to make all the small block engines during this span, although they varied during that span in terms of displacement, bore, stroke, and power. The small block Chevrolet engine is definitely known for performance.
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1955+ Chevy Corvette Small Block
The small block Chevy engine started out as 265 cubic-inch 4.3L V8 engine in the Corvette. While technically this is part of the small block family, it isn't as well known as the 350 cubic inch engine that was used later on by Chevy.
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1967+ Chevy Camaro Small Block
The world famous 350 cubic inch Chevy small block first appears in the 1967 Chevy Camaro. It generated a eye-popping 295 horsepower. The 350 engine was a 5.7L size engine. The Chevy Camaro small block is probably the most famous in the world.
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1967+ Chevy Nova Small Block
The same 350 cubic inch engine was also used in the Chevy Nova. In 1967 and 1968, the small block engine was only available in the Camaro and Nova.
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1969+ Chevy Impala, El Camino, and Chevelle Small Block
Starting in 1969, the small block engine was used in almost all Chevy's cars, including the Chevy Impala, Chevy El Camino, and Chevy Chevelle. Whereas later on, in 1975-1980, the small block was only used in one Chevy platform, it is definitely the case that in 1969 it was used in almost every Chevy platform. The Impala, El Camino, and Chevelle from 1969 are symbolic of classic Chevy small block era.
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Not sure how I feel about the color, but the car certainly looks and sounds the business. According the owner, this is a mid 9-second car.
Must be a pretty interesting town they live in, seeing as they do small launches down driveways in the middle of the day.