Jeep Patriot Buyer's Guide


Pilot Automotive

Fender Vents

Pilot is a well-known manufacturer of automotive accessories, from exhaust tips to floor mats and everything in between. Their extensive line of fender vents allow for Patriot drivers to showcase some style on the otherwise bare fenders of their rides. The diversity of styles is simply massive, with vents reminiscent of AMG cars, 50's Nomads and more. In addition, most of their products are stick-on meaning the installation process is as easy as pie. Come check out the great selection and add some style easily to your Patriot with the help of Andy's Auto Sport.

2007-9999 Jeep Patriot Pilot Small Single Fin Vent


Spyder Auto

WRX-Style Air Flow Hoop Scoop

Spyder Auto is another well-known brand that manufactures a great selection of auto accessories, from tail lights to exhaust tips and everything in between. The WRX-influenced design is bold, blocky and meshes well with the geometric design of the Patriot. This hood scoop is a cheap and easy way to give your car that extra bit of style and aggression that will make it a stand-out on the road. Installation is simple - use adhesive or mold it to the hood - so you can spend your time enjoying the new look, which comes at a reasonable cost: only $18.75 via Andy's Auto Sport.

2007-9999 Jeep Patriot Spyder WRX Style Air Flow Hoop Scoop (Black)


Projector Headlights make for improvements in both the style and safety department. What gives your car presence better than an extremely bright headlight? In addition, you're ensuring that your car is better visible at night, thereby better protecting you and your occupants. Most of these headlight kits are direct bolt-ins that require minimal installation work. What's not to like? Check out the selection at Andy's Auto Sport.




Wheel Skins

Adding wheel skins to your stock wheels is a great way to add style without spending an excessive amount of money. Fitting a skin allows for an instantaneous transformation from the original wheel's finish to a brilliant chrome. Triple-chrome plated high-impact ABS construction ensure long lasting good looks and sturdiness. For quick and easy aesthetic upgrades, it's hard to find a more cost-effective accessory! Available via Andy's Auto Sport for a very reasonable $70.40 a set.

2007-9999 Jeep Compass Coast to Coast Impostor® 17



Single Straight Rear Passenger Side-Exit Cat-Back

Magnaflow's exhaust systems reflect decades of intensive research and development. This mandrel-bent cat-back offers gains in power, a smooth, distinctive exhaust note and increased presence on the street. This auto part provides long-lasting, high-quality performance for a very reasonable $583.19.

2007-9999 Jeep Patriot Magnaflow Performance Exhaust - Single Straight Rear Passenger Side Exit, Cat-Back


Stainless Steel Cat-Back

Designed for simple installation and a long lifespan, the Borla cat-back fits both the AWD and 2WD version of the Patriot and promises gains in power, fuel economy, exhaust and sound and a reduction in weight! Made from premium 2 ┬╝" T-304 stainless steel tubing, this cat-back system to designed to resist wear and tear for a long time - it's even backed by a million mile warranty! This exhaust system is truly hard-to-beat in terms of value and its performance rivals that of more expensive makes. This is one of the most popular Jeep parts around, available at Andy's Auto Sport for a very reasonable $772.89.

2007-9999 Jeep Patriot Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System, Pipe Diameter 2.25


One of the quickest ways to improve your Patriot's engine performance is by adding a cold air intake. The stock air boxes typically ingest warm air from inside the engine bay, whereas the cold air intakes are designed to pull air from outside the car, typically inside the fender well. With a colder intake charge, the number of air molecules making their way into the combustion chamber are significantly higher than otherwise, and the ECU compensates by adding more air, allowing for a stronger explosion and therefore, more power.


Some of the easiest means of modifying the appearance of your car is adding an aftermarket bodykit. If a complete bodykit is too expensive, or you're not interested all of the components, you can select a bumper alone. These accessories not only give your Patriot a unique look, the can help improve your ride's patriot depending on what they're made out of. Check out the selection of aftermarket bumpers at Andy's Auto Sport:



High Flow Oval Catalytic Converter

When adding a performance exhaust system, sometimes a high flow catalytic converter in needed to ensure strong flow, though a standard exhaust system will still benefit strongly from the addition of such a piece. This particular "cat" has a 4" diameter and a stainless steel casing which fits directly into the standard exhaust and features a 5-year, 50,000 mile warranty. In addition, it meets EPA and C.A.R.B. requirements and it's reasonably affordable, too, just $203.25 at Andy's Auto Sport.

2007-9999 Jeep Patriot Pacesetter Hi Flow Oval Catalytic Converter - 4

Stainless Works

Catalytic Converter - Metal Matrix Hi-Flow

This hi-flow catalytic converter is made of high-quality Everlast 304L stainless steel and features a 4" body diameter. This particular "cat" is designed for high-horsepower applications and it's sturdy construction ensures a long lifespan, even with heavy usage! This fantastic piece of exhaust technology can be had at Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable $179.55 each, as seen here.

2007-9999 Jeep Patriot Stainless Works Catalytic Converter - Metal Matrix Hi-Flow