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Pontiac Grand Am1999-2005 4dr Bolt-on Vertical Lambo Doors by "BoltonLamboDoors"

MAKE OFFER Pontiac Grand Am bolt on lambo vertical doors kit 99-05 VDI lambo

Pontiac Grand Am 2003 Vertical Doors Inc bolt on lambo gullwing scissor door kit

Pontiac Grand Am 99-04 Bolt-on Vertical Lambo Doors by "BoltonLamboDoors"

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of lambo doors to give you all the options you want. Our store is full of bolt-on Pontiac Grand Am lambo doors and universal vertical doors, so take a look at our fantastic selection. Whether you are looking for specialty bolt-on Pontiac Grand Am lambo doors or cheap Pontiac Grand Am lambo doors or anything in between, we've got great choices for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Pontiac Grand Am lambo door kit needs!


We can't all own Lamborghinis, but we can at least act like we do with a new vertical door kit. Vertical doors will add a truly custom look to your ride, and will make people scratch their heads when they see you open your vertical doors. As a side benefit, you'll actually be able to get in and out of your vehicle in tight spaces. Plus, you can't ever again be accused of giving someone a door ding with a set of vertical doors!

There are two main types of lambo doors: bolt on lambo doors and universal lambo doors. Bolt-on kits are specifically engineered for the given vehicle application, and universal kits are not. Therefore. 1) Bolt-on lambo doors are generally more expensive than universal lambo doors, but they are much less difficult to install relative to universal lambo doors, and 2) Bolt-on lambo doors are not available for every vehicle out there since each one requires so much engineering work. If you ever need help learning how to install lambo doors, call us at 1-800-419-1152. Also, if need be, you can buy individual lambo door parts, such as just the lambo door shocks.

Most vertical door kits are easy to install and easy to open and close, utilizing a leverage and shock system to help lift the door like a true exotic car. Although installation is very straightforward, be aware that you may have to remove your front fenders in order to install your vertical door kit. In either case, it's a good idea to use painter's tape while installing vertical doors to help avoid scratching your paint.
Q: Are all vertical doors kits going to go up 90-degrees on my car?
A: No. To make your door go 90 degrees, you almost certainly have to modify the fender in order to make room for the door to be there. Generally, you'll only accomplish a 90-degree or more angle if you buy a weld-on universal kit, since they're made to be customizable to begin with. Bolt-on kits have kind of a claim to fame of not requiring any modifications and being strictly bolt-on, and therefore often limit the height of the door angle to only go as high as it can without requiring modification of the fender for more clearance. This normally ends up being at about 75-degrees.

Q: How do you install lambo doors?
A: There are two types of lambo door kits: bolt-on and weld-on. The bolt-on kits are vehicle-specific and the manufacturer has already done all the engineering work to make sure the kit directly matches your factory bolt pattern, and that the shocks that come with the hinges are the right strength to open your doors vertically. Weld-on kits, which are universal, have not been made to specifically fit your vehicle. Instead, they are just a universal hinge kit is built with the mechanism that opens your doors vertically, but that has to be welded on since it won't match your factory door hinge bolt pattern. Bolt-on kits cost more than weld-on kits, but they probably require less than half the installation labor of a weld-on kit if not more.

Q: What is included with lambo door kits?
A: Lambo doors come with all necessary hardware and hinges allowing you to bolt or weld on to your vehicle. Kits come with shocks that power your doors upward. Different brands have different mechanisms for opening the door, but all utilize a shock made to uphold the weight of your door. So right when you grab the handle of your door and open (unlatch) it, the door automatically goes upward since there's upward pressure being applied by the shocks that are installed with the kit.

Q: Are vertical doors the same as lambo doors?
A: Lambo doors and vertical doors are two names for the exact same thing.

Q: What are vertical doors? Why buy vertical doors?
A: Vertical door kits are door hinges that allow your doors to open up in a Lamborghini fashion, vertically. They are perhaps the most head-turning modification you can do to your car. The exquisite characteristic once only seen on world-class super cars is now available for your car. If you are looking to get your car noticed, there is no doubt whatsoever that having vertical doors on your car will do that.

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