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Fits: 1971-1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle

PART# 95-13-07-1

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Fits: 1952-1968 Volkswagen Beetle 1200/1300

PART# 95-10-03-1

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When the weather gets cold everyone wants their heater to be in good working order. As vehicles age, many of the components in the heating system begin to break down and degrade, which leads to heat loss and an inefficient heating system. Instead of suffering through the miserable cold with an inadequate heating system, why not replace your heating components with new pieces? Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a good selection of heater channels and related parts to replace your old tired components. Ensuring the hot air makes it into the cabin will keep you warm and toasty and make sure your windshield stays defrosted to drastically improve the driving experience.
The job of heater channels and ducting is to route hot air from your vehicle's heater box or engine to the inside of the cabin. On some older vehicles heat was taken off of the exhaust manifolds and delivered via heater channels into the car. This system is less than ideal, which means it is even more important to ensure that your channels are in tip top shape. Any small pin holes leaks or cracks will almost guarantee frost bite and chills. Fortunately these parts are inexpensive and simple to install so it is possible to get your ride back up to spec with our selection of OEM replacement heater channels.
Q: What are heater channels? Why buy them?
A: Heater channels are the components used on air cooled vehicles such as VW Beetles to direct heat from the engine into the cabin of the vehicle. Air cooled vehicles have no engine coolant so they must rely on heat exchangers in the engine bay to supply heat from the exhaust headers into the cabin. Old heater channels are often cracked or full of holes allowing hot air to escape and keeping cabin temperatures frigid. You no longer have to bundle yourself in a parka every time you drive in cold weather. With brand new heater channels made of high quality materials you can once again enjoy real heat inside your vehicle without lighting a fire.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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