To be used as a reference only!!

After mulling the idea of getting an intake vs. the drop in style air filter, I decided to buy the Injen Polished Intake. The install is fairly simple, but the instructions provided didn't have the best pictures. I have written this article to help anyone who wants to install the intake on their own. The install is very easy, and with these instructions, should be a cake walk. On a side note, I think these instructions may be useful to anyone installing ANY aftermarket intake- at least the removal of the stock parts should be the same! 

This is a shot of the stock air box. Sure, you have one to look at, but I took this just for a quick reference.
Top of the box it comes in- you should be able to see the part number.
The contents of the box- a bag of hardware, the intake filter and pipe, instructions that can barely be seen, a License plate frame, and the throttle body fitting.

Step One: Remove the stock air box, so start by disconnecting the Mass Air Flow sensor- you will remove this and add to your intake later

Loosen the clamp, remove main hose from top of Air box, pull rubber hoses out of their fittings on the air box (you'll know when you look), Remove the Air Temp sensor, attached by 1 screw, and set aside to reattach later- verify you have removed all fittings, and take the lid (And filter element) out of the car.
Remove 2 10mm screws, bottom of filter box should be free- pull it out. DON'T forget to pull the plastic tube out that goes under the coolant bottle!
Here is the stock air box. Kinda makes you feel sick. ( I recommend putting it back together w/ the 2 bolts inside, in case you need it.)
Loosen clamp at the throttle body, and pry out (GENTLY) the evap sensor that goes on the right side- in the 3 linked dots. Notice the 2 fittings on top- you just need to gently pull the hoses out of here. The pipe on the top left doesn't attach to anything, so don't worry about it.
This is what the Evap sensor looks like.
OK, install time. This piece goes on the throttle body- don't forget to slide a clamp over it. This is the hardest part of the install (and it isn't very hard)- stretch this piece over the throttle body opening.
And then it will look like this
Then the clamp with STRIKE ONE of the install process- flathead screwdriver required. It looks like a standard radiator hose- the stock clamps may even be better (Phillips head screws), but I did not use them.
This rubber grommet goes where the top  bolt was on the bottom half of the stock air box- screw it in until it stops.
And it's in place . . .
Put the filter element in below the coolant bottle- it is a snug fit- don't worry- make sure the OPEN END is facing the engine
Slide a clamp over the intake tube, then carefully slide it into place- don't cram it or you may scratch the finish.
Here is the intake in place- I went ahead and tightened both clamps at this point. Make sure you have a snug fit, and that the clamp is on the red part completely or it wont seal as good.
Attach the Evap sensor to the welded 'ear' on the intake tube using the enclosed bolt and washer on the side facing the engine, and the washer and locknut on the other side- use a 7/16 wrench and 7/16 socket.
Using 2 stock screws (Phillips- small) attach mass air flow sensor to the intake tube. You could probably do this with it out of the car- I probably should have but it isn't difficult to do with the tube in. After this, attach the electrical connector.
Put this small grommet into place
Like this . . .
Then attach the air temperature gauge- press down firmly. Next, use the enclosed locknut (7/16) to bolt the Intake tube (Left bottom) to the little grommet you put in earlier- I recommend a long extension, as the rubber will flex- a continuous 360 degree motion will ensure a tight fir, while simple ratcheting will only turn the rubber and allow it to return to its original position without tightening. Then, attach the filter element to the tube.
The finished product- took around 45 minutes. You will also notice that the black zip tie connects 2 hoses- they can be seen at the top right of the picture.
Tools I used: 7/16 short and 10mm deep Drive sockets, with a long extension; 7/16 short 3/8 inch drive socket; flat and Phillips head screwdrivers.

After Installing, Go for a Ride!! If you start it up, you will only notice a "sucking sound"- the car is finally breathing!! Wait til you give it a little gas- WHOA!! You'll know what I mean when you do it. Hope this guide helps, and Enjoy!! I must say that this is well worth the investment. I shot a couple videos, but you can't really tell the difference (as the car was sitting still). And if you are wondering, I don't race this car- I just love to drive it. My job is to fly jets for the Air Force, so this car is just an extension of my love for speed and agility. Adios!