Meet Elite Konceptz Truck Club from Macon, Georgia

Andy's had a chance to catch up with Elite Konceptz Truck Club. Here's what they're all about!

The Scoop on "ELITE KONCEPTZ" from the Club President

Elite Konceptz was organized by human impulse- The tendency to form groups. It's our objective to help members and possible members build and enjoy their respective cars and trucks, while building friendships around similar interests.

Our vision is also about community interest, if we support a certain business we all need to support them. We all want to gain profeesional and business betterment, aid in civic concern, and acquire social and service contacts. An example of this is that we formed an alliance with Andy's Auto Sport. They have a great selection of products and they embrace social alliances with car clubs and truck clubs just like Elite Knoceptz.

Our club was organized by its 4 founding members in order to provide each other with support in customizing their own cars and trucks. With combined efforts from its members, we are able to accomplish more and have better ideas for our vehicles. If you think that you have what it takes and want to become a memeber of this team in either an active or supportive member,

Macon, GA truck club

If you're looking to expand your circle of auto-friends, this club, located in Macon GA is a great fit for mini- and full-size truck enthusiasts. For membership application, e-mail Ron Hall (rhall40647@aol.com)

Here's a Look at some of our Members and what they Drive

Member Name: T.J. James

Car or Truck: His 1988 Ford F-150

Modifications: currently under MAJOR construction

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Member Name: Adam Barnes

Car or Truck: 1996 Chevy 1500

Modifications: early complete

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Member Name: Shane Reyolds

Car or Truck: 1994 Ford F-350 extended

Modifications: Dually with a 460 big block

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Member Name: David Fields

Car or Truck: 1996 Chevy 1500 ext cab

Modifications: under contruction

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Member Name: Duwane Sharpless

Car or Truck: 1988 GM S-15

Modifications: 13in rusty wire wheels

Member Name: Ryan

Car or Truck: 1994 Chevy S-10 Blazer

Modifications: currently under MAJOR reconstruction

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