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A Customs Only Car Club
Florida Car Meet blog
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Owner: Ryan Moody

Model: 2000 Celica

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Audio Setup: Rockford Fosquate

Favorite Webpages: Celica Parts, Celica Headlights, Wikipedia

Ryan's Toyota Celica

Bragging Rights

Owner: Jason Brown

Model: 2000 Civic EX

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Audio setup: JL Audio

Favorite Webpages: Facebook, Civic Parts, Civic Info, Civic Springs

Jason's Honda Civic

Owner: Chris Ferrill

Model: '95 Geo Tracker

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Audio Setup: Kicker Comp

Favorite Webpages: Car Parts, Twitter, Ground Dynamics

Chris's Geo Tracker

Owner: Jordan Ray

Model: '91 Honda Accord

Hometown: Orlando FL

Audio Setup: JBL

Favorite Webpages: Accord Intake, Accord Exhaust, Accord Header, Accord Parts, Honda Stylin

Jordan's Honda Accord

Club Info
Cykotic Customs car club was establised in 1999 by Chris Ferrill and Ryan Barbaro in response to an outbreak of "custom car clubs" who weren't custom at all. due to this, their car club requires for a car to be approved by them before accepting their car into the club. Get in touch with us if you want to join our car club. There's some sweet perks, like our whole club is sponsored by Andy's Auto Sport who basically carries like all the car parts you can think of.

Event Date Location
Lowrider Grand Nationals September

(more info will be posted)

Orlando, FL

(Orlando Fairgrounds)

Sponsor Info

Cykotic Customs is sponsored By Andy's Auto Sport