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Fits: 84-92 Camaro Base, IROC-Z, RS, Z28 V8 5.0/5.7, 84-92 Firebird Base, Formula, S/E, Trans Am GTA, Trans Am V8 5.0/5.7

PART# CF360056

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Fits: 70-72 Kingswood Base, Estate V8 7.4, 70-72 Townsman V8 7.4, 70-73 Chevelle Base, Deluxe, Malibu, Nomad V8 7.4, 70-74 Corvette V8 7.4, 70-75 El Camino ...

PART# 700140

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Fits: 88-94 E350 Econoline Base, HD Club Wagon, Super Wagon, Super V8 7.3, 88-94 F350 Pickup Base, Super Cab V8 7.3, 90-94 F Super Duty Pickup V8 7.3

PART# CF360065

Qty: Each

Fits: 88-97 MX-6 Base, DX, LS, LX L4, V6 2.2/2.5, 90-95 Protege Base, ES, LX, SE L4 1.8 AWD, 93-02 626 Base, ES, LX V6 2.5, 93-97 Probe GT V6 2.5

PART# CF056543

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Fits: 95-96 Beretta L4 2.2, 95-96 Corsica L4 2.2, 95-99 Cavalier Base, LS, RS, Z24 L4 2.2/2.3, 95-99 Sunfire Base, SE L4 2.2

PART# DF204072

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Fits: 91-96 Escort Base, LX, Pony, Sport L4 1.9

PART# 280004

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Fits: 93-94 Ranger Base, Super L4 2.3, 94 B2300 L4 2.3

PART# CF360014

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Fits: 91-00 K2500 Pickup V8 7.4, 91-96 G30 Van Base, Sportvan V8 7.4, 96-00 Express 3500 V8 7.4

PART# 700145

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Fits: 00-03 Tundra V6 3.4, 95-03 Tacoma Base, Regular Cab, SR5 V6 3.4, 95-98 T100 DLX EXC, DLX, One-Ton DLX, SR5 V6 3.4, 96-02 4Runner Base, Limited SR5 V6 ...

PART# CF019505

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Fits: 65-69 Coronet 440, 500, Base, Deluxe, R/T, Super Bee V8 7.0/7.2, 66-69 Charger 500, Base, R/T V8 7.0/7.2, 66-69 Fury Base, Custom Suburban, Sport Subu ...

PART# DF071800

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If you are looking for fantastic clutch and drivetrain components from Centerforce, then you have come to the right spot. Centerforce is a leader in the world of performance clutches and related components. At Andy's Auto Sport we are pleased to bring you the full selection of Centerforce products for you to select from. We can assist you in finding the right component for your application, and making sure it reaches you without delay. We can also provide technical details including product specifications, break-in procedures, installation instructions and photos when they are available.

The clutch system is an essential part of any manual transmission equipped vehicle. Its job is to apply your engine's power to the rest of the drivetrain when you release the clutch pedal. However, clutches are a wear and tear item that must be replaced throughout the life of your car. And, if you have added power to your vehicle or use it for high-performance driving, a stock clutch setup will simply not be up to the task. Centerforce has a unique lineup of high-performance clutches and related components designed specifically to handle extra power and the abuse associated with motorsports. Their patented products will ensure that you get all the power to the ground and will not leave you stranded like other inferior clutches. With something this important, go with a reputable name like Centerforce.
Starting out in the early 1980s in a small speed shop in California, Centerforce was the brain child of legendary hot rodder Bill Hays. He came up with a unique solution for clutch problems in high-performance applications by using the principles of centripetal force. By adding strategically placed weights to the clutch pressure plate, Hays found that he could significantly improve the clutch clamping force, allowing for an increased transfer of power. This revelation spawned the legend that is now Centerforce. Since then the company has greatly expanded and their products have been used in numerous championship winning vehicles in all forms of motorsports from drag racing to rock crawling. As a bonus, they also back all their products up with great defect warranties. For the best in all things clutch related, choose Centerforce.
Centerforce has been a mainstay in the performance industry for many years, providing a unique "spin" on clutches. The company's patented "Centerforce" technology employs a set of weights that use centrifugal force and leverage to increase clamping power the higher the engine is revved. This means that the more power your car puts to the ground, the stronger a Centerforce clutch will hold. Almost as important is the fact that because of this design, Centerforce is able to increase clutch performance without increasing the effort needed to disengage the clutch, maintaining a stock pedal feel, which is a big deal in our book.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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