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Fits: 01-04 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500

PART# 15131

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Exhaust systems are crucial to the performance of any vehicle. A nice exhaust system has the perfect balance of good flow characteristics and excellent sound quality. One of the best ways to improve or refine the tone of your ride without sacrificing performance is through the use of resonators. Unlike baffled mufflers, resonators are straight through pipes whose job is to enhance sound quality by eliminating the sound frequencies that cause droning and buzzing to give you a nice mellow exhaust note that sounds sweet as you drive down the road. With our great selection of resonators, you are sure to get the perfect exhaust tone you have been looking for.
Resonators come in many different shapes and size from resonated exhaust tips to fully enclosed resonators that mount in the middle of the exhaust system. OEM auto manufacturers have been using resonators for many decades as a means of tuning exhaust systems for optimal sound and performance. If you have ever driven a car with no mufflers, you know that a loud exhaust is not always pleasing to the ear. There is a lot cracking, buzzing and droning that is not exactly the high-performance noise most people are after. Through the use of sound insulation and varying tubing lengths, resonators are able to eliminate unwanted noises while keeping the great high-performance sound.
Q: What is a resonator? Why buy one?
A: Resonators are high flow exhaust components that have a slight muffling effect as well as acting as a sound chamber to smooth out the tone of your exhaust. While baffled mufflers can hinder flow and cause power robbing restrictions, resonators have a straight flow through design that allows your exhaust to breathe without constraint. This means more top-end power, improved acceleration and a great aggressive exhaust note that will give your car a motorsports sound on the street or on the track. Many people think that deleting the muffler altogether is the way to go, however this often causes a horrific tinny exhaust note that will have you clenching your teeth. Resonators balance and smooth out the exhaust tone to give the optimal sound. Resonators are the perfect way to complete any high-flow exhaust setup. Affordable and easy to install, do not overlook this performance exhaust component.

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