Chevrolet Bed Liners

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Chevrolet Bed Liners

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People love their pickup trucks because they do everything that they ask them to. However, trucks take a lot of abuse and aren't always treated with the most care. This is why Chevrolet bed liners are so important. You can add a little barrier to your bed to help it withstand the rigors of the hard pickup truck lifestyle. With added protection from dents, scratches, debris, water and grime, Chevrolet bed liners will extend the life of your rig and keep it from succumbing to corrosion and rust. In addition they make cleaning out your bed a breeze with either a garden hose or a broom. Here at Andy's one of the first modifications we make to any pickup is to add a bed liner.

When pickup trucks were first developed they used wood for their beds. Over time the wood rotted away and most people simply threw another piece of plywood on top. Now pickup truck beds are steel in construction and highly susceptible to rust issues. The bed liner is a way of sealing the vulnerable bed to make it last for years down the road. Bed liners come in an assortment of different sizes and materials, from preformed ABS plastic units to spray-on custom liners. In fact, spray-on type liners can be used for other applications as well such as wheel well coating and bumper coating. With our great selection of Chevrolet liners you are sure to find the perfect one in the Andy's catalog.
Q: What is a bed liner? Why buy one?
A: Bed liners are plastic or rubberized units that fit in the bed of your truck to protect it from scratches, dirt, grime and rust. There are different styles from preformed drop in liners to spray-on/paint-on bed liners. While there are pros and cons to the different styles, the bottom line is a bed liner makes a great addition to any pickup truck. Most trucks lead a tough life, and it is no wonder that truck beds tend to quickly rust away when left unprotected. With a bed liner in place the moisture stays out and your bed stays protected no matter what load you are carrying in the back. You can slide things in and out without fear of scratching through the paint, and you can easily hose out the bed when it gets dirty without being afraid of rust or corrosion. In our opinion there is no reason to own a truck without one.

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