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Clutch Masters FX100 Stage 1 Clutch System: Street Performance

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Clutch Masters FX100 Stage 1 Clutch System: Street Performance

Part #: 16080-HD00

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Stage: Stage 1

Clutch Masters FX100 Stage 1 Clutch System: Street Performance

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Fits On:
2003-2006 Toyota Matrix XRS 1.8L 2ZZ Eng., 2003-2008 Toyota Matrix 1.8L 1ZZ Eng, 1995-2005 Toyota Celica 1.8L 1ZZ Eng, 2000-20... See more

The FX100 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with a custom heavy-duty Steel Back Organic friction disc. This clutch is engineered for heavy-duty street use. It is specifically designed for extended wear and additional clamping force for the enthusiast who has added an exhaust system, an intake system, up to 50hp NO2 upgrade, or other non-forced induction external bolt-ons. It features only slightly increased pedal pressure, longer life than stock, and normal clutch feel during engagement and disengagement for a very smooth operation.

Kit Is For Use On/Includes:
1.6L (From 5/91) / 1.8L

Foot Note: Moderate Abuse Moderate Power Best Road Race / Autocross

All Kits (Stages) come as a complete kit which includes:
• Disk pressure plate
• Throwout bearing
• Pilot bearing (when applicable)
• Alignment tool.
About Clutch Masters
Clutch Masters makes a variety of clutch assemblies. The FX100 clutch set assembly is designed to provide extended life and superior holding power for cars with moderate power upgrades and/or for more enthusiastic driving in abusive conditions. The FX200 is for a more modified engine, and so on up the line, with the highest grades clutches FX600 and FX700 being for race applications only.

Historically, high performance clutches have been a compromise. While improving holding or clamping pressure, manufacturers nearly always increase pedal pressure to an uncomfortable point, especially for stop-and-go traffic. Today, thanks to Clutch Masters, increased holding pressure does not necessarily mean increased pedal pressure and the problems that can accompany it. By re-engineering the leverage or fulcrum point on the pressure plate through their Hi-Leverage technique, Clutch Masters has increased clamping power, often without changing pedal pressure.

Additionally, Clutch Masters, with over 28 years in the industry, has researched hundreds of friction materials and uses only the best materials available for each intended application. By combining the optimum clamping force with the finest friction materials - each with their own unique coefficient of friction - Clutch Masters has developed a line of clutches that provide ultimate performance in virtually any severe environment.
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Q: How do you install a clutch kit?
A: We recommend you get a clutch kit installed by professionals since dropping the transmission is usually necessary in order to install a clutch kit. Once the transmission is off of the block, you remove your stock setup and slip on the new kit using the clutch alignment tool. It's always imperative to make sure that surface of the flywheel is as clean as possible when mounting it back up to the clutch, to prevent any slipping during shifts.

Q: What all does a clutch kit include?
A: Most clutch kits include the clutch itself, pressure plate, pilot bearing, throw-out bearing and the clutch alignment tool. Flywheels are sold separately on our website.

Q: What does a clutch kit do? Why buy a performance clutch kit?
A: Clutch kits are used for upgrading the holding power of your factory transmission and clutch setup. If you decide to haul heavy loads or add extra horsepower to your car, you will need a high performance clutch upgrade to handle of the extra stress. You can only make a limited number of horsepower upgrades before you have to upgrade your clutch. A performance clutch gives your car the capacity to handle the increased horsepower and torque.

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Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Monterey, CA

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