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Every once in a while, we at Andy's peer outside the industry and share a glimpse of things we find interesting. That's what you'll find below! The below information was sourced from amfly.com

American Flying Adventures as one of the Florida's leading flight training centers has the path to your success. Our flight school offers a higher standard of pilot training for beginner and advanced pilots as well as dedicated Commercial Pilot Training for pilots seeking an aviation career. Safety is one of our main concern hence we focus on profound instruction and professional maintenance. If you are looking for friendly and professional Flight Instruction or if you wish to rent a functional aircraft for a pleasurable trip, American Flying Adventures is the right place for you!

If you've ever thought about learning to fly, but put it off for one reason or another, you may want to reconsider! Recent advances in aerodynamic researches, materials and electronics have led to more efficient and safer aircraft, as well as to more reliable engines, instruments and radios. Our staff is made up exclusively with professional flight instructors who are dedicated to the single purpose of providing you with quality flight training that will give you the skills necessary to fly safely for a lifetime. Feel free to call or visit us and schedule a discovery flight for only $ 59.--, find out more.
Our flight training is about results - ensuring you learn standard procedures to become a competent and safe pilot. Upon completion of our program, you will enjoy the certainty of knowing you have been trained to high quality standards in the industry by a highly skilled and friendly flight instructor and support team. We will soon realize that our prime goal is not to let you robotically memorize but to let you really understand what you study. Not only do we care for the individual progress of each student, we offer a stress free training atmosphere where you have no lack of fun and pleasure. Find out more.
American Flying Adventures Flight School has some of the best maintained and the best equipped rental aircraft of any operation.  Currently our fleet includes new and late model Cessna 172 SP aircraft which are fully IFR equipped with the Garmin G1000 Integrated Avionics Suite, Cessna Turbo 182T, Piper Warrior, Lance and Senecas and much more. All aircraft are available for rental in the USA and to some destinations abroad. Many of our customers can tell you numerous exciting stories about their trips. Exploration, adventure and excitement are some of the involvements you will experience. Find out more
One unique thing of our operation is the way we present ourselves and the environment of aviation. Our web site is technologically advanced and offers helpful resources for students and renters. An Online Schedule makes booking an aircraft easy, Online Tutorials help you to study at any location and Online Widgets assist you in Flight Planning and Decision Making. Last but not least we offer a number of promotional movies which give you more insight into our operation. A new technology allows you to watch those high definition movies with full screen resolution even with modest bandwidth. Find out more

Flight Training

American Flying Adventures is the leader of personalized Flight Instruction. Our expert, high-time staff will help you reach your goals, whether you are interested in becoming a private pilot or a professional pilot.

As a FAA 61 Pilot School we use the best ground school curriculum in combination with your flight training. This integrated system, provides for faster flight training and better retention of knowledge and skills.

Aircraft Rental

If you are a qualified pilot, American Flying Adventures will be happy to rent an aircraft of one of the late-model aircraft in our fleet. You will quickly notice that the exceptional condition of our planes sets us apart from the rest. To make your trip easier and more pleasant, we rent and sells some pilot supplies. Everything from  headsets, life jackets and life rafts. And with our knowledge of Florida the Bahamas and Mexico, we can even assist you in selecting a fun-filled destination.


The American Flying Adventures weather page offers various graphical and textual weather products. Use them for your flight planning but keep in mind that they might not give you a complete picture for your intended flight. Always call the flight service station at 1-800-WX-BRIEF (local number 727-531-1495) for the latest weather information and NOTAM data.

Satellite Pictures
A weather satellite is a type of satellite that is primarily used to monitor the weather and climate of the Earth. These meteorological satellites, however, see more than clouds and weather systems. The two fundamental products is a visual and an infra redstatic picture. Sequential static pictures can produce a Loop or Animated Satellite Sequence.

Weather Radar Graphics

A weather radar is a type of radar used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, estimate its type (rain, snow, hail, etc.), and forecast its future position and intensity. Modern weather radars are mostly doppler radars, capable of detecting the motion of rain droplets in addition to intensity of the precipitation. Both types of data can be analyzed to determine the structure of storms and their potential to cause severe weather. Weather Radar station are ground based. Various agencies use radar data  to produce a so called radar mosaic or composite radar which is basically a nationwide superimposing of various radar site pictures into an overall image. Sequential pictures offer an animated or radar loop and show a trend in intensity and movement.

Flight Rule Graphics
Flight rules are either VFR, marginal VFR, IFR or low IFR. Follow this link to find out more about these abbreviations.

Winds Aloft
We also offer a winds aloft graphic and textual wind data.

Surface Analysis and Forecast Maps
The surface analysis gives you an overview of the present weather situation. In contrast, the forecast maps show you future weather probabilities. The time (12 hrs, 24 hrs, 36 hrs etc.) indicates the time for the forecast period. The higher the hours, the lesser accurate the prediction will be.

Textual Information (Metar and TAF)
METeorological Aerodrome Reports (METAR) and Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF) are also available and belong to the textual weather products.

All weather sources are believed to be reliable. However, because of the possibility of human or mechanical error by such sources, American Flying Adventures does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and is not responsible for any delays, errors, or omissions or for the results obtained by use of such information. Neither American Flying Adventures nor its sources (see below) shall have any liability for any direct, indirect, special, exemplary, or consequential damages whether or not such damages were foreseeable.

Flight Planning

The American Flying Adventures Flight Planning Section offers various forms and 3rd party links to make your flight planning easier, even when on a computer at home. We cover domestic flight planning as well as flight planning specifics for flying into the Bahamas, Mexico and Canada. We also offer hints regarding flight planning literature and software. Maybe you have no specific destination in mind and asking yourself, where should I go? Why not consider a destination with a nice breakfast reataurant?

All links believed to be reliable. However, because of the possibility of human or mechanical error by such sources, American Flying Adventures does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and is not responsible for any delays, errors, or omissions or for the results obtained by use of such information. Neither American Flying Adventures nor its sources (see below) shall have any liability for any direct, indirect, special, exemplary, or consequential damages whether or not such damages were foreseeable.


We understand the importance of feeling at home no matter where you happen to be or how long you intend to stay. Home is where you can relax, unwind and be comfortable. For this reason we recommend high quality accommodations in nearby hotels, beach resorts, clean apartments and friendly host families. Depending on the length of your stay we will find the right high quality and good priced lodgment for you.


Airport Hotels
in the vicinity of the St. Petersburg/ Clearwater International Airport (KPIE).
Beach Hotels
Clearwater Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, St. Petersburg Beach and Madeira Beach.
Usually available for long-term rentals of 3 months or longer
Host Families
Local families offering room and board for young students


American Flying Adventures provides extended support for students and renter pilots. If you are from out of town and looking for the right place to stay, we have the answer for you. If you you need a decent breakfast, lunch or dinner we will direct you to the right place. Our in-depth coverage of the St. Petersburg/Clearwater airport and its FBOs might be another point you are interested in. We also offer a huge reference library to common aviation forms and handy links to the FAA and TSA websites.


Block Rates, Discounts: Aircraft rentals and instruction fees can be paid when you finished your lesson on a daily basis. As an alternative, you can also pay some money in advance and take advantage of discounted rates, or Block Rates. Following Block rate discounts are available:

  1. SILVER -> $ 1000.-- initial payment

  2. GOLD -> $ 2000.-- initial payment

  3. PLATINUM -> $ 4000.-- initial payment

Once assigned to a block rate category, you can use it for any aircraft or instruction. Once your block rate money is used up you can pay whatever amount you feel comfortable to keep the account in the positive.

Sales Tax: 7% Florida Sales Tax applies for all rentals. Exempt are only instructional flights where an instructor is on board. The only exceptions are Solo Flights during the Private Pilot Course.

Fuel Surcharge: Due to the high fuel prices at our airport we charge a fuel surcharge for all aircraft wet rentals. Fuel surcharge does not apply for the portion of flight where external fuel is being purchased by the renter pilot. In this case we will reimburse your fuel ticked according to our board fuel credit information. Fuel surcharge is updated every month or whenever the fuel price makes a significant change. Visit our online Forum to find out about the most current Fuel Surcharges.

Method of Payment: We accept US personnel or company checks, Credit Cards (Visa, Master, Discover, Diners, AMEX), Bank Wires (for amounts higher than $ 5000) and cash.

Financing: We have some financing available. One option is Pilot Finance. Call us or write us an e-mail for more information.

Movies and Photos

The steady growth and sophistication of computers and their applications, the development of the finest digital cameras and sound recording equipment have definitely ushered a new area in the Audio Visual (AV) world. American Flying Adventures takes advantage of the new technologies as well as the growing importance and capacity of the Internet.

Photo Galleries
We offer animated photo galleries about various topics such as events, trips and other occasions. Feel free to make your own digital pictures and send us the pictures. We want you to be involved in our audio-visual creation.

We are directly involved in the technical part of shooting, sound recording and editing in various applications, such as tutorials, live event recording, success stories, introduction of new aircraft and more. Our production includes 4 different categories:

The first one are short movies which are shot but no big editing work has been added. Those movies are more documentary, covering spontaneous moments with no script and contain mainly success stories of our course completions. Visit our online forum to watch these movies.

The second genre are recordings of live events such as air-shows, exhibitions, trips and other events. Those movies are also documentary and include moderate editing.

The third category are tutorials of various topics based on a more elaborate script, storyboard and require more special effects and editing than the first two categories.

Number four are promotional movies which also might include a story or some feature film episodes. They are more thoroughly planned and are part of a higher complexity level.

All movies are encoded for Internet streaming.  We are using different codec and delivery formats, such as Flash, Windows Media and QuickTime. Streaming speeds vary between 400Kbps and 5000Kbps. Most newer movies are shot in high definition with a 1080i camera. The web streaming version is down-converted to a lower frame size.

Be aware that your Internet connection might be to slow to watch the movie instantly. Allow adequate buffering in such a case.