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Every once in a while, we at Andy's peer outside the industry and share a glimpse of things we find interesting. That's what you'll find below! The below information was sourced from spanishrentalsplus.com

Spanish Rental Search – Finding you the Right One

Spanish Rentals Plus is different.

We'll look for the property that's right for you. Not just somewhere to stay, but a place you can really call "home".

What makes us unique is that we're part of the Wemploy group, the leading recruitment agency based in Spain. Most people who come to us looking for accommodation are UK or Irish professionals, relocating to the Costa del Sol, so while they're job-hunting, we're apartment-hunting for them, leaving them more time to focus on settling in and enjoy the sunshine.

Owners can count on us for quality tenants because many of our clients come to us already “pre-screened” from Wemploy – part of the job search process.

What's more, we have 20 years' experience in the Costa del Sol property market so it's safe to say we know it better than most. (And we really do know what it's like to make the move here because we did it too.)

So leave it to us. If you're looking for a property to rent or you're looking for the right tenant, we can help – one less thing you have to worry about, one more reason to be glad you moved to Spain.

Spanish Rental Search – Rental Management Services

Long Term Rentals:
Once your property is listed with us, we will provide the following services until a long term tenant has been secured: List your property on our website and advertise it in appropriate places on the internet and locally. Arrange and conduct all viewings by potential tenants. Act as the liaison point between you and your potential tenant to answer any questions and conduct any negotiations regarding the terms of the contract and rent that is payable.

Provide a standard rental contract http://eduaidguru.com/dissertation.html in both Spanish (a legal requirement) and English (if required) and obtain signatures upon payment of deposit. Arrange a thorough clean of your property prior to your tenant moving in. Obtain your tenant's banking information in order to transfer the direct debits directly to them for utility services (if you provide us with a copy of these utility bills). Pass your banking information to your new tenant in order that they can arrange a standing order to you for rent on the agreed day each month. Collect the security deposit (usually 2 months for furnished, 1 month for unfurnished), and the first month's rent on your behalf and wire this to you less our fees for commission and any services rendered.

Short Term Rentals:
Once your property is listed with us, we will provide the following services: List your property on our website and advertise it in appropriate places on the internet, abroad and locally. Answer any correspondence or phone calls regarding your property. Maintain a calendar of your property's availability.
Ensure that the weekly rental amounts requested for your property are in keeping with other similar properties in the area and discuss any changes that we feel ought to be made with you. Take bookings for your rental and provide a standard short term contract to cover the rental period. Collect payment in advance for the rental and wire this directly to you less our fees for commission and any services rendered. Provide your guests with all the information that will need to gain access to your property when they arrive.

Got Property?

As an owner, you want peace of mind and that means renting your property to the right person.

That's where we come in. Not only do we have an ongoing pool of prospective tenants (mostly professionals from the UK and Ireland who are relocating to work on the Costa del Sol) but we interview them to make sure they're financially stable and will be suitable tenants generally. 

We'll advise you every step of the way, from viewings and negotiations right up to the signing of the contract and the important part – payment of deposits. Our rental contracts are in both Spanish (a legal requirement) and English and we can even ensure that your tenant pays their utility bills to the utility companies directly from their bank account as soon as they move in. 

If you want to avoid the potential headaches of renting out your property, call us on
+34 655 655 655 – we can help.

Just arrived in Spain?

More people are relocating to the Costa del Sol from abroad each year, especially Great Britain and Ireland. It's a big decision and possibly the best decision you've ever made, but how do you guarantee things will go smoothly. 

So first the good news: there are plenty of places to rent on the Costa del Sol.
Now the bad: there are plenty of places to rent on the Costa del Sol.

Even if you do know what you're looking for, we'll save you trawling through the classifieds and making wasted appointments at apartments that look great in the photos but not so great when you get there.
And what about the “ins and outs”? Spanish communities are different from international/UK ones – which is right for you? What about schools, work and hospitals?Is that charming apartment way up in the hills with fabulous views a good idea, or will you regret having signed the lease when you have to make the long, winding drive to the supermarket when you've forgotten to buy milk?

We can save you quite a bit of time, money and a lot of legwork as we know the Costa del Sol inside out (we should, we've been here since the ‘80s!) 

So call us on +34 655 655 655 or pop in and have a chat.
Best of all, you won't have to pay a finder's fee as our Spanish Rentals Plus service for tenants is free.

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Spanish Rental Plus – How to Contact Us 

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