StreetRacing.org - The Legend

StreetRacing.org is a legendary website with roots in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. The website was started by Ryan Smith and became a very popular hub for car modding enthusiasts to get together and talk.

Many members would meet up locally and get together for local hangouts with their highly customized rides. Meet-up locations ranged from Ringwood in San Jose to Main Street in Milpitas. The scene at these hangouts was always spectacular, with lots of shine to see and plenty of performance to watch.

Ryan in particular was well known for his NSX. He definitely didn't baby that car; he pushed it to the very edge as often as possible. If you saw a black NSX roll up, you knew it was Ryan!

The StreetRacing.org website offered a variety of resources, including hese:

Wheel Guide
Need to know what your factory wheel settings are so you can buy rims? We have that information here.

Headlight Bulb Guide
Has a bulb in your headlight assembly gone out, and you need to know the bulb type to get to replace it? We have that information here.

Install Articles
No one wants to pay a shop to install their performance parts. Are you curious how to install, say, a performance exhaust or headers or even HID headlights bulbs on your car or truck? Or do you want to share details of your installation experiences for others to see? This is the place to go for that.

Product Reviews
Are you looking to modify your ride, and want to know which brand of part to go with? Read peoples? product reviews here.