Cars that are so Nice You Almost Want to Steal Them

This webpage shows pictures of some awesome cars that are sweet enough to want to steal.... Next to each image, I put a link of where I got the picture from in case you want to check out the source.

Esprit Wangan Supra

Every time I look at a race-prepped JZA80-Supra, I get goose bumps. This example here has kept me up past my bedtime twice this week already. There is something so menacing and purposeful about the way it's been styled.

Check out this bad boy. This is a Dodge Intrepid, although you can barely tell it. It looks like it could blow you off the road at any moment. It is kitted out with a body kit and rims and other car parts. Source: Intrepid page at Andy's Auto Sport
We've all seen Mustangs on the road, but this Mustang is so mean. Check out the body kit on the front, it's totally custom. I'd do anything to drive a Mustang like this! Source: Mustang Body Kits page
This car is a Ford Escort ZX2 if you can believe it. It's such a head turner. It's got tons of accessories on it, like the body kit and a bunch of other accessories. Source: ZX2 page
If you were going to steal a car, it would never be a police car right? But what if the police car were a Porsche police car like this picture here! This thing is awesome! Source: Car Pictures website