VW Buyer's Guide

The goal is to inform and inspire enthusiasts so that they can make the most intelligent purchases possible and thereby enjoy their Volkswagens as much as possible. Included in this site is information pertaining to all sorts of auto parts, including body kits, intake systems and performance exhaust systems, for a multitude of models, including the Jetta, Golf,Scirocco, Beetle and Passat. Whatever the part and whatever the model, our experience in these realms will help to educate Volkswagen aficionados however they intend to experience their car.


Extreme Dimensions

RS Front Bumper

If you're looking to improve the appearance of your practical, basic Passat, a Duraflex bodykit from Extreme Dimensions is a great auto part to add, for several reasons. Not only is it sporty and stylish, but its Duraflex-construction makes it very resilient and allows avoiding serious damage from mild collisions. In addition, it's reasonably affordable at just $268.00 via Andy's Auto Sport.

2002-2005 Volkswagen Passat Extreme Dimensions RS Front Bumper



Dual Rear Exit Catback

Often, a performance exhaust system is an addition even unenthusiastic car owners will make to their car, as they improve fuel economy in certain cases and they make the car noticeable as it rolls down the street so as to avoid any unwitting bicyclists or pedestrians. However, you're probably keen on making your Volkswagen sportier. The Magnaflow catback systems look great, sound great, improve power and sharpen throttle response - so what's not to like? Available for several different VW models, including the Golf and the Jetta! This mandrel-bent, stainless steel exhaust system is available from Andy's Auto Sport for a very reasonable $590.55, so what's not to like?

1993-1998 Volkswagen Jetta Magnaflow Performance Exhaust - Dual Rear Exit, Cat-Back


Spec D

Altezza Lights - Black

If you're looking to customize your Golf, one of the most direct and cost-effective routes to giving your ride a unique look is through adding a set of custom taillights. The line of Altezza-style taillights from Spec D, a reputed manufacturer of taillights and other auto parts, come in a variety of colors allowing you to choose a look that matches your paint job. With a stark black backing and eye-catching red bulbs, these taillights certainly make their presence known. Plus, they're available at Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable $104.00 a pair.

1993-1998 Volkswagen Golf Spec D Altezza Tail Light Black



Race Division Intake

For the enthusiast looking to improve the mid-range power their Volkswagen produces, the Injen Race Division intake systems are the perfect addition for their Golf or Jetta. By sourcing air from behind the front bumper, the intake charge is denser than that the stock box can pull and therefore, more power and torque can be produced. Available from Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable $276.91, this intake system is affordable, effective and good-looking!

1999-2004 Volkswagen Jetta Injen RD Series Race Division Intake System (Polished)


Spyder Auto

DRL LED Projector Headlights

These direct, bolt-on replacements for the stock headlights can offer a unique and eye-catching look quickly and easily. With a super-bright LED construction and an innovative bulb design, these fine projector headlights can help improve nighttime vision and give your Jetta the street presence it hasn't had. Available at Andy's Auto Sport for the sale price of $408.00 a pair, these lighting accessories will surely impress.

1999-2004 Volkswagen Jetta Spyder DRL LED Projector Headlights - Black


VIS Racing

Xtreme Body Kit

VIS Racing's line of bodykits is reputed as some of the best-value products in the business, and this example is no exception. The Xtreme body kit doesn't divert too much from the basic lines of the Jetta, yet adds a level of aggression that is missing in the standard car's appearance. Included with this kit is a front bumper with expanded intakes, ground-hugging side skirts and a slotted rear bumper that allows for ideal aerodynamics - all on sale for $505.89 at Andy's Auto Sport.

1999-2004 Volkswagen Jetta Vis Racing Xtreme Front Bumper