Honda Buyer's Guide

Honda Stylin's intention is to best inform and inspire Honda enthusiasts so that they can make the smartest decisions possible. With tons of information pertaining to different parts including hoods, body kits, exhaust systems and wheels, we're confident any time spent perusing our website will help lend to a better purchase down the road. Honda Stylin' appreciates all Honda models, whether it is a Civic, Accord or an Prelude , so please browse and inspect our product descriptions - we're sure we've got something relevant to you!




Drag's line of wheels is intended for those who are looking to improve their Honda's performance and give it a sporty-look. Not only these wheels give your Honda more street-presence, but they're lighter than the stock rims and they also improve air flow to the brakes. These fantastic wheels are also affordable when bought at Andy's Auto Sport - Civic.

Accord : Accord


VIS Racing

Invader Carbon Hoods

VIS Racing is a fantastic company known for their line of carbon fiber parts and these Invader hoods help contribute to the company's great reputation. The Invader hood is much lighter than stock, which allows for improved front-end response in directional changes, and it also incorporates a trick hood vent that allows for cooler underhood temperatures - so what's not to like? This beautiful accessory is available from Andy's Auto Sport for a reasonable price of $569.40.

2004-2005 Honda Civic VIS Carbon Fiber Hood - Invader Style


DC Sports

Single Canister Catback Exhaust System

Adding a performance exhaust system to your Civic is a great way to sharpen throttle response, improve power and torque figures and give your car the street-presence it deserves. DC Sports' line of exhaust systems are designed to provide great performance gains without breaking the bank - in fact, this stainless steel exhaust system is available through Andy's Auto Sport for a mere $389.06 each.

1992-1995 Honda Civic DC Sports Single Canister System, Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust


Spec D

Recaro Style Racing Seats PVC Leather with Suede

Adding a proper racing seat to your Civic is a fantastic way to improve your connection to the car itself. Not only does a proper racing seat help you feel at ease while cornering quickly, but they really do improve the interior look of your Honda. Not only are these supportive and visually impressive, but they are very comfortable, too, using high quality leather and suede. These appealing seats are available through Andy's Auto Sport for a very reasonable set of $352.00 a pair.

1992-1995 Honda Civic Spec D Recaro Style Racing Seats PVC Leather with Suede - Red Stitches


Spec D

ABS Plastic Front Lip - Mugen Style

If you're looking for a subtle visual add-on, the ABS plastic front lip is an inexpensive way to give your Honda a sporty appearance without a lengthy installation process. In addition, this lip doesn't attract unwanted attention, but car enthusiasts may notice the lip and the way it helps it look as if it hugs the ground. This interesting auto part is available for a very reasonable $88.00 each, while on sale, via Andy's Auto Sport.

2004-2005 Honda Civic Spec D Abs Plastic Front Lip - Mugen Style Si Only