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Fits: 63-67 Galaxie V8 4.7, 63-70 Fairlane 500, Base V8 4.7/5.0/5.8, 63-74 Country Sedan V8 4.7/5.0/5.8, 63-74 Galaxie 500 Base, XL V8 4.7/5.0/5.8, 63-74 Ra ...

PART# 241-81

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Fits: 96-04 Ford 4.6L, 5.4L

PART# 440

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Fits: • 58-64 Ford Sunliner, 58-68 Ford Thunderbird, 58-70 Ford Fairlane 500, • 58-71 Ford Country Sedan, • 58-71 Ford Country Squire, 58-71 Ford Ranch Wago ...

PART# 9412

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Fits: 65-87 Ford 240-300 6Cyl

PART# 5242

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Fits: 1964 Ford Sunliner, 1967 Mercury Commuter, 1971 Mercury Monterey, Custom, 62-63 Mercury Meteor, 62-70 Ford Fairlane 500, • 64-65 Ford Falcon Sedan Del ...

PART# 5870

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Fits: 1961 Mercury Meteor, 1963 Ford 300, • 1966 Mercury S-55, 1967 Mercury Brougham, • 58-64 Ford Sunliner, 58-68 Ford Thunderbird, 58-70 Ford Fairlane 500 ...

PART# 275

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Fits: Ford 292-312

PART# 5241

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Fits: Ford 351-400

PART# 5439

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Fits: Ford Boss 302 and 351C

PART# 543

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Fits: 1963 Ford 300 , • 57-58 Pontiac Super Chief , • 57-66 Pontiac Star Chief, 57-66 Pontiac Star Chief , 57-80 Pontiac Bonneville , • 57-80 Pontiac Catali ...

PART# 9829

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Fits: 96-04 Ford 4.6L, 5.4L

PART# 554

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Fits: 1963 Ford 300, • 1963 Ford Sunliner, • 1965 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery, 1967 Mercury Commuter, • 63-67 Ford Galaxie, 63-70 Ford Fairlane 500, • 63-72 ...

PART# 596G

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At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Ford F350 valve covers to ensure that you have every valve cover option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Ford F350 valve covers, so that whether you are looking for a custom Ford F350 valve cover or a chrome valve cover or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Ford F350 valve cover needs!

If you're installing a valvetrain that's larger than stock, you'll need to pick up a set of tall aftermarket valve covers to keep a lid on things. Keep in mind that you might need to stick with a set of low-profile valve covers to keep clear of alternator and/or air-conditioning brackets on a street vehicle, and be sure to get valve covers with PCV, oil filler, and/or breather holes should you need them. Note that you should always run a PCV valve and breather, but some enthusiasts prefer to run them on the side or rear of the valve covers instead of on the top for a cleaner look.
Many car nuts install custom valve covers to simply dress up their engine compartments, and while that's a completely valid and worthwhile reason, there are other benefits to swapping them out. Aluminum valve covers can cost a premium when compared to steel valve covers, but they are thicker and more rigid and therefore typically maintain a tighter seal. Aluminum covers also dissipate heat better and helps reduce valve noise due to their thicker construction. That being said, stamped steel valve covers are usually trouble-free and a very popular choice for hot rodders - after all, most factory valve covers have traditionally been stamped steel.
Q: What are valve covers? Why buy them?
A: Valve covers are the pieces that cover the valves in your engine. They are a popular thing to customize because they are very visible in most cars when you open the hood, and you can completely change the look of your engine by simply changing out the valve covers. They are extremely easy to install in most if not all cases, as they are normally sitting right at the top of the engine bay and are unfastened from the engine block with simply hand tools.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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