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Fits: 2007-Current Ford Explorer Sport Trac

PART# UC2110

Cover Type: Hard Top
Qty: Each

Fits: 2007*-Current Chevy Silverado 1500, Crew/Ext Cab, 5.7ft Short Bed

PART# UC1066

Cover Type: Hard Top
Qty: Each

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of tonneau covers so that you have all the options you want. Our store is full of soft bed covers and hard tonneau covers, so take a look at our fantastic selection. Whether you are looking for a top-of-the-line retractable tonneau cover or a cheap bed cover or anything in between, we've got great choices for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your tonneau cover needs!


When it comes to pickup trucks, utility is usually the first priority. The more things a truck can do, the more valuable it is to its owner. One great way to improve your pickup truck's versatility is through the use of retractable tonneau covers. Aftermarket retractable tonneau covers will improve your truck in many dimensions including security, weather proofing and aesthetics. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a huge selection of retractable tonneau covers for you to select from. We feature all of the leading brands and have the full price range covered to ensure that you find the perfect tonneau cover for your needs in our extensive lineup.

The one thing that is lacking from many pickup trucks is a sense of security. Leaving things exposed in the bed of your truck risks having them stolen. With the addition of soft tonneau covers you can protect your items from outside eyes to prevent theft. In addition, aftermarket soft toneau covers are simple to install and easy to use. Here at Andy's we have a fantastic selection of soft tonneau covers for you to choose from. So not matter what your needs you are sure to find the perfect cover for your taste in our extensive lineup. Give your truck added protection and a nice new look with soft tonneau covers.

We love pickup trucks for their great utility, but sometimes the open bed design leaves a bit to be desired. If you want to add some security and functionality to your pickup truck, look no further than folding tonneau covers. Aftermarket folding tonneau covers will allow you to securely store items in the bed of your truck to keep them safe and out of site from criminal elements. In addition the folding design allows easy access to the bed for maximum convenience. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a large selection of folding tonneau covers for you to select from. No matter what your budget, you are sure to find the perfect tonneau cover for your needs in our lineup.

Most of us buy pickup trucks because of their tremendous versatility, so if you had a way to improve your truck's functionality wouldn't you jump at the opportunity? Aftermarket hard tonneau covers are a simple modification that can add great utility to your truck. With the addition hard tonneau covers you increase security, looks and weather protection. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a great selection of hard tonneau covers for you to choose from. With numerous different options for style and finish you are sure to find the perfect hard tonneau cover to suit your needs in our expansive lineup.

If you are looking for added storage capacity and functionality from your pickup truck then you should seriously consider toolbox tonneau covers. Aftermarket tool box tonneau covers provide the ultimate in secure storage. With a tough metal tool box to secure valuable items combined with a tonneau to keep your payload out of site, it is hard to top the versatility of tool box tonneau covers. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a full selection of tool box tonneau covers for you to choose from, so no matter what your preference or price range our extensive lineup will have what you need.

There are a lot of different types of tonneau covers. The most popular type we sell is a hard fiberglass tonneau cover, but we also sell hard aluminum tonneau covers as well. Some hard covers are specialty covers that are able to be folded for easy bed access, while others come with gas shocks that help lift the lid when you want to open it. Some others are old fashioned and require your muscle power to lift them up. The very latest in tonneau covers are even retractable and can be opened by remote control!

If you don't want to have to use a lot of energy to open your cover, and you don't want to spend money on a high-tech tonneau cover, you can always get a soft tonneau cover. These are nice because they provide an effective way of enclosing your cargo while being easy to open and affordable.

You also have a lot of options when it comes to your tonneau cover, especially if you buy a hard cover. You can have the underside of the lid carpeted. You can buy a lock for the lid (although many tonneau covers come with them). You can also buy small lights on the underside of the lit so that you can see your cargo contents well without lifting the lid all the way.

If you have any questions about the tonneau covers we sell or the accessories we carry for them, contact us any time!

Tonneau covers are great for securing things in the bed of your truck and making sure that they stay dry from the rain. However retractable tonneau covers are extra special. Because of their design retractable covers allow you to carry tall or bulky loads that would not fit under a closed tonneau without completely removing the cover. Just retract the tonneau into its dispenser and you are free to pile dirt and rocks sky high. Then when you need to recover a load, you can simply pull the cover back out and latch it in place. Retractable tonneau covers offer a revolutionary design that no truck owner should overlook.

While increased security is an important function, soft tonneau covers also provide the tremendous benefit of weather protection. If you use your truck for work, chances are you don't want to risk damaging your interior by storing dirty work clothes or tools inside the cab. However, leaving these items in an open bed would put them at risk of getting soaked in a rainstorm. With soft tonneau covers you can spare your interior and keep your items dry and out of the elements. We also think that soft tonneaus add a great clean look to your truck that gives it a custom edge.

In addition to security, tonneau covers offer other benefits as well. Many of us use our trucks for work and at the end of the day we don't want to bring our dirty boots and clothes into the cabin. But if it is raining outside we have no other choice. With folding tonneau covers your entire bed is now a water proof storage facility where you can keep your muddy boots or dirty tools without ruining your interior. We also think that tonneau covers give pickup trucks a nice clean look, and if we had our choice we would include one on every pickup truck.

Many pickup truck owners carry loads that they want to keep from getting wet, or transport items that they worry about getting stolen. However, your truck's interior is vulnerable to getting dirty and damaged and is not a suitable place to carry much besides passengers. Aftermarket hard tonneau covers provide great solutions to all of these problems. Their sturdy "hard" design offers superior security from break-ins and is excellent at keeping the weather out. In addition a simple hinged layout allows easy bed access for maximum utility. If you are a pickup truck owner, this is one modification you should not overlook.

Truck tool boxes and truck tonneau covers have both been popular items amongst enthusiasts for many years. However, the addition of a truck tool box normally interfered with the installation of a tonneau cover meaning these two great items could not be used together. Fortunately a few great aftermarket companies developed tool box tonneau covers that combined both great ideas into one superior unit. With tool box tonneau covers you can fully customize your rig to give it maximum utility, great weather proofing, theft protection and a unique aesthetic.
Q: Is a bed lid the same as a tonneau cover?
A: Yes, those are two terms that mean the exact same thing. Some people refer to them as bed covers. All are terms that refer to the same thing.

Q: How do you install a tonneau cover?
A: Depending on which tonneau cover you purchase many don't require drilling. Soft tops utilize clamps for installation while hardtops utilize hinges and shocks. Both are easily installed with basic hand tools.

Q: What exactly is a folding tonneau cover?
A: A folding tonneau cover is one where the entire cover can be folded into sections. This can be beneficial for a numbers of reasons: 1) it alllows easy access to the cargo in your bed since you can lift one panel of the cover instead of needing to lift the entire large cover, and 2) it makes for really easy storage (which cannot be said about a hard top tonneau cover for example).

Q: What are some different types of tonneau covers?
A: There are dozens and dozens of different types of tonneau covers available. You can get soft or hard tonneau covers, fiberglass or plastic or aluminum, with or without air shocks, paintable or not. The options are seemingly endless. Go through our vast array of tonneau covers, and you're sure to find one that perfectly suits your tastes.

Q: What is a tonneau cover? Why buy a tonneau cover?
A: Tonneau covers cover the bed of your truck. There are a variety of reasons to get a tonneau cover. For one, they protect and lock up cargo that you're hauling in the bed of your truck. Also, they add a great custom look to your truck, giving it improved style over the factory look. One other benefit of tonneau covers is that many improve gas mileage by improving the aerodynamics of your truck, reducing your truck's drag.

Q: What exactly is a hard top tonneau cover?
A: It's a cover that has a hard shell. Normally made of fiberglass, aluminum, or hard plastic, these covers are probably the most popular and come in a variety of styles. Since they're hard and normally smooth, they can be a great way to reduce gas mileage since they provide a better wind channel that is less resistant than an open bed. Also, hard top tonneau covers are often paintable, which gives your truck a great custom look while keeping your cargo secure. Hard top covers are also more secure than some other types of covers (such as soft-top covers), and almost all come with a lock are have a lock available on our website to buy with the cover. One other feature about some hard-top tonneau covers is that some come with struts, so that when you unlock the cover and let it open, the struts power the lid open for you so you don't have to break your back opening the lid.

Q: What exactly is a retractable tonneau cover?
A: On our website, when we say retractable tonneau cover, we're referring to hard-top covers that open in a folding or 'rolling' way, normally by remote control. These are normally cream-of the crop bed covers that incorporate all the greatest features: super-easy access to the bed, locking ability, and gas-mileage reduction. What could be easier than opening your tonneau cover by remote?!

Q: What exactly is a soft roll-up tonneau cover?
A: Soft roll-up tonneau covers are normally a cloth material or something similar, and are intended to be very easily opened and stored. They are the most affordable of any tonneau covers, and the most easy to open and store. Most are opened and closed using 'snaps'. The benefit is easy access to your truck bed, but the drawback is less security than a hard-top tonneau cover.

Q: What exactly is a tool box tonneau cover?
A: It's simply a bed lid that is made to work on trucks that have a tool box installed in the bed. These covers do not come with tool boxes, but rather mount up against your existing tool box.

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