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Fits: 01-03 Mazda B2300 , RWD, 98-01 Mazda B2500 , RWD, 98-03 Ford Explorer, 98-03 Mercury Mountaineer, 98-04 Mazda B3000 , RWD, 98-04 Mazda B4000, 98-11 Fo ...


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Fits: 06-10 Ford Explorer, 06-10 Mercury Mountaineer, 07-10 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

PART# IEV800278

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Fits: 95-97 Ford Explorer, 97 Mercury Mountaineer , 4WD, 97 Mercury Mountaineer , RWD


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Fits: 02-05 Ford Explorer , 4.6L, 02-05 Mercury Mountaineer , 4.6L


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Fits: 06-09 Ford Explorer, 06-09 Mercury Mountaineer, 07-09 Ford Explorer Sport Trac , 4WD, 07-09 Ford Explorer Sport Trac , RWD

PART# IES80786

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Fits: 01-03 Mazda B2300 , RWD, 95-01 Ford Explorer, 97-01 Mercury Mountaineer, 98-00 Mazda B2500 , RWD, 98-04 Ford Ranger , 4WD, 98-04 Ford Ranger , RWD, 98 ...


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Fits: 02-05 Ford Explorer , 4.0L, 02-05 Mercury Mountaineer , 4.0L


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Fits: 01-03 Ford Explorer Sport, 01-03 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 04-05 Ford Explorer, 04-05 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 04-05 Mercury Mountaineer


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Fits: Universal


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Fits: Universal


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Fits: Universal


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Fits: Universal


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Brand New Inner And Outer Tie Rods End Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 4.6

New 8 PC Control Arms Tie Rods Ball Joints for Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer

New 8 PC Control Arms Tie Rods Ball Joints for Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer

FORD EXPLORER 95-97 & MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 97 Front Left & Right Outer Tie Rods

Front Set Hub Bearings and Outer Tie Rods for a Mercury Mountaineer

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Mercury Mountaineer tie rods to ensure that you have every tie rod option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Mercury Mountaineer tie rods, so that whether you are looking for a front Mercury Mountaineer tie rod or inner tie rods or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Mercury Mountaineer tie rod needs!

If you want to ensure maximum performance and safety it is crucial to keep your vehicle's steering system in top condition. Overtime steering components can wear out and cause sloppy and even dangerous handling characteristics. One of the most common failure points in the steering system are the tie rods. Your tie rods can wear out or bend which can lead to a vehicle that is dangerous to drive and also cause premature tire wear. Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have a great selection of tie rods to restore your vehicle's steering to like-new condition. With fantastic offerings from all of the leading brands you are sure to find the perfect tie rods for your needs in our extensive collection.
If you have added larger wheels and tires to your vehicle the added weight and grip puts a lot of additional strain on your tie rods. The OEM tie rods were not designed for this type of stress and the added loads can cause them to fail without warning. There are several aftermarket companies that offer upgraded tie rods to handle the increased stress of large tires and high performance driving. If you plan on you pushing your vehicle to the limits these performance tie rod ends are a must have item. Do not gamble with your safety; upgrade to stronger tie rod ends and drive with confidence.
Q: What are tie rods? Why buy them?
A: Tie rods are a crucial component of your vehicle’s steering and suspension setup. Tie rods are long rods with spherical joints on the ends that provide a wide range of motion, and are commonly used to link the steering box to the outer hubs allowing for precise and accurate steering. Over the years your tie rods may become bent or worn out from exposure to the elements. This can cause your steering to go out of alignment, which in turn will cause premature tire wear and dangerous handling, or in a worst case scenario a tie rod end could fail altogether which would most likely end in an accident. Do not put your life at risk, check and update your tie rods with brand new high-quality units to keep you driving safely down the road for years to come.

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