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Fits: 00-up S2000 AP1


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Fits: 00-up S2000


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Circuit Werks Honda S2000 00-09 AP1 AP2 63mm Test Pipe Cat Delete TP w/ CEL FIX

Invidia 70mm Racing Exhaust Test Pipe w/ Cel-Fix Honda S2000 AP1 AP2 F20C F22C

Honda S2000 00-09 AP1 AP2 63mm RESONATED Brush Test Pipe Cat Delete w/ CEL FIX

Test Pipe catalytic conver Downpipe Honda S2000 AP2 AP1

Invidia 70mm Test Pipe - 00+ Honda s2000 s2k - HS00HS1TP3

At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Honda S2000 test pipes to ensure that you have every test pipe option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Honda S2000 test pipes, so that whether you are looking for a cheap Honda S2000 test pipe or a performance catalytic converter exhaust test pipe or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Honda S2000 test pipe needs!

If you want to maximize horsepower and get the best out of your engine there is nothing quite like a test pipe. Offering tremendous bang for the buck the test pipe replaces your restrictive catalytic converter to help your engine breath better and free up the exhaust system. It also reduces weight, which means better performance. One of the best benefits of using a test pipe is the great sound that will come out of the tail pipe. We love to hear the growl of a motor with a test pipe fitted. More power, better sound, and less weight. What more could you want from a performance component.
Test pipes come in two flavors, weld-in and bolt-in. The reason they are often bolt-in is that many states have laws prohibiting tampering with catalytic converters, so test pipes are for off-road use only (race tracks etc.). With a bolt-in unit you can install your test pipe to run track events, and switch back to the catalytic converter for street use with relative ease. If you have a dedicated track car that is not used on the street you can get a weld-in style test pipe for a little less money and never have to worry about changing it. Before mounting a test pipe even for track use it is important to know the noise regulations at the track you are running on. Test pipes will make your exhaust note significantly louder and may violate some tracks decibel limits.
Q: What is a test pipe? Why buy one?
A: A test pipe is a racing component that replaces your restrictive catalytic converter with a straight-through high-flowing section of exhaust tubing. While catalytic converters are necessary for smog compliance, in race-only applications such as track cars they are a huge point of restriction that sucks up horsepower. With a test pipe you can uncork all of that potential power and put your car at the front of the pack. In addition many test pipes can be easily swapped in and out, so that when it is time to hit the track you can quickly install your test pipe, but when it is time to drive home you can put your catalytic converter back in. Most test pipes also include provisions for oxygen sensors to keep your vehicle running at its optimal performance level.

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