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Running an exhaust stack on a diesel truck gives it a great aggressive look. The vertical exhaust treatment is remnant of tractor trailer trucks, but it takes the right Chevrolet stack pipe to complete the look. Whether you want large diameter, angle cut, or a 90 degree bend, we have a vast assortment of Chevrolet stack pipes that will ensure that your ride has the proper aesthetic you've been looking for. Personally we dig the stack look on big diesel trucks, and with a good assortment of sizes and styles available we think you'll find the perfect Chevrolet stack pipe to make your rig stand out.

Exhaust stacks date back to the origins of trucking itself. Because diesel motors generate such a thick cloud of black smoke when they are under heavy load, it made sense to get that smoke as far from the road as possible. If not, then drivers would have a hard time seeing and breathing as they drove down the highway. The exhaust stack routed the diesel cloud up into the sky out of the way of other vehicles. Now the stack look has gained great popularity with diesel pickup truck owners. With that big-rig look, aftermarket stack pipes are some of the coolest accessories available for diesel trucks.
Q: What are stack pipes? Why buy them?
A: Stack Pipes are large exhaust tips meant to be used with diesel truck exhaust stack kits which give your truck a big rig style exhaust look. Mimicking tractor trailer smoke stacks, these stack pipes come in a range of different sizes and finishes to suite every taste from sensible and small to enormous and wild. Stack pipes are the perfect way to give your truck a bold custom look that will make it stand apart from the crowd and have people moving out of your way as you drive down the street. These stack pipes are easy to install and do not cost a fortune so you can hook up your rig in no time and have money to spare for other goodies.

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