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Honda Civic Spring Supports

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Two Civic Sentra Hatchback Rear Hatch Trunk Lid Lift Supports Shock Strut Damper

2 Rear Hatch Hatchback Lift Supports Shock Strut For Honda Civic 1992-1995

2 Rear Hatch Liftgate Lift Supports Shock Strut Arm Damper 96-00 Civic Hatchback

Two Rear Hatch Liftgate Lift Supports Shock Strut Arm For 96-00 Civic Hatchback

2 New Rear Trunk Lid Lift Supports Shock Strut Arm Rod Accord Civic Sedan Coupe

2 Station Wagon Rear Hatch Lift Supports Shock Strut Arm Rod Damper 88-91 Civic


One of the most annoying noises to hear on any vehicle is a suspension rattle. Loose suspension parts buzz and vibrate at speed and then clank and clunk when you drive slowly down the street. Often times these noises are caused by coil springs that have a worn out or damaged spring support. The job of spring supports is to keep the steel springs isolated and held in place so that they do not rotate, rattle around, and cause premature wear. Here at Andy's we have you covered with a good selection of spring supports that will guarantee a quiet ride. So if your ride is starting to make some suspension noise, we think it is a good idea to inspect your spring supports.
Spring supports are a simple item but their job is crucial. Keeping the coil spring held firmly in place guarantees proper suspension geometry and movement. When spring supports are damaged or fail, the coil spring becomes loose in the strut which can cause problems with ride height, ride quality and in worse case scenarios the spring will bind and cause damage to other suspension pieces. If you are replacing your springs or struts we strongly encourage you to spend a little extra money and replace your spring supports as well. This is a cheap way to gain a little added piece of mind.

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