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Fits: Volvo 850

PART# MA/1730

Qty: each

Fits: Mini Cooper >03/07

PART# MA/1913

Qty: each

Fits: Mini Cooper <10/06

PART# MA/1869

Qty: each

Fits: Ford Focus

PART# OD/1960FO542A

Qty: each

Fits: Honda Civic

PART# MA/1872

Qty: each

Fits: BMW series 3 E36

PART# MA/1742

Qty: each

Fits: >90 Mazda Miata

PART# OD/1960MA215

Qty: each

Fits: Mitsubishi Evo

PART# OD/1960MI280A

Qty: each

Fits: Volkswagen Golf 2, Volkswagen Golf 3

PART# MA/1612

Qty: each

Fits: Volvo 240

PART# MA/1600

Qty: each

Fits: Ford Escort

PART# MA/1620

Qty: each

Fits: Audi A4 1.8

PART# MA/1754

Qty: each

OMP is another heavyweight in the racing apparel business, alongside with Sparco, Puma and Alpinestars. OMP is based out of Genoa, Italy and has been a mainstay amongst Formula 1 drivers amongst other professional racers since 1973. Recently, they have delved further into the tuner market, making a great selection of high quality seats, steering wheels, shift knobs and pedals for the car aficionado.

OMP's success in motor racing is reflected by the fact that 7-time Formula 1 world champion, Michael Schumacher had OMP custom tailor his racing suits throughout his career.

OMP registers the word "quality" in the minds of most car junkies, and we think that the quality of their products, let alone the prestige that comes with owning an OMP product, speaks volumes about the way they improve the driving experience.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

Popular Categories

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