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Fits: 86-88 5000 Quattro, 89-94 100 Quattro, 95-96 A6 Quattro

PART# 71272

Adjustability: Non-Adjustable
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Fits: 05-07 F-250 Duty Pickup, 05-07 F-350 Duty Pickup

PART# 911266

Adjustability: Non-Adjustable
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Fits: 00-01 Neon, 00-05 Neon, 01-08 Pt Cruiser

PART# 903926

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Fits: 79-83 280Zx, 82-84 Maxima Diesel, 84-88 200Sx

PART# 73203

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Fits: 01-05 Aztek, 97-04 Silhouette, 97-05 Venture, 99-06 Montana

PART# 32333

Adjustability: Non-Adjustable
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Fits: 92-97 F-350 Pickup, 92-98 F-250 Pickup

PART# 34797

Adjustability: Non-Adjustable
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Fits: 05-06 Montana

PART# 72231

Adjustability: Non-Adjustable
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Fits: 00-07 Monte Carlo, 05-06 Lacrosse, 82-88 528E, 83-84 533I, 84-85 318I, 84-87 4000 Quattro, 85-89 635Csi, 85-90 Deville, 85-90 Electra, 85-90 Fleetwood ...

PART# 63973

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Fits: 76-78 530I, 78-82 633Csi, 78-84 733I, 79-81 528I

PART# 73971

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Adjustability: Adjustable
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Adjustability: Non-Adjustable
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If you're in the market for a new set of Monroe shock absorbers or struts, you've come to the right place! OE replacement struts, air shocks, and self-leveling shocks are just some of your options with Monroe, and Andy's Auto Sport has the best selection and prices you're likely to find. Monroe is an OE manufacturer and is a great choice when it's time to replace your worn suspension components.

At the very least, having a set of blown shocks is an irritating, and sometimes even embarrassing, experience. On top of that, it can be downright dangerous, as your vehicle's suspension, handling, and braking are compromised. Installing a new set of shocks, such as those offered by Monroe, will restore the drivability and confidence you should expect from a properly maintained car, truck, or SUV.
A worn set of shock absorbers or struts not only affects your ride quality, it can be murder on your tires as well. If you're experiencing unusual tire wear, there's a good chance that excessive wheel hop due to a bad set of dampers is the cause. Another little-known fact about faulty shocks is that they can seriously affect your braking distance, since bouncing tires tend to "skip" along the pavement instead of being planted firmly to the ground. A new set of Monroe shocks can help cure your suspension and braking woes!
Who knew that a company that started out making tire pumps in the early 20th century would end up being one of the largest shock and strut manufacturers in the world? In fact, Monroe used its pump technology to design what would become the first shock absorber, the Monroe Shock Eliminator. Fast-forward almost a century, and Monroe is now offering ride quality solutions for most major automobile manufacturers, in varying configurations depending on the drivers' needs. The company also offers gas-charged lift supports to keep your hood or hatch in proper working order. If your vehicle is in need of some "shock therapy," be it through a better ride or increased hauling capacity, it's hard to go wrong with Monroe.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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