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Fits: 78-96 Ford Full Size, 97-98 F250, F350

PART# 34-5020-07

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Fits: 83-92 Ford Ranger, 90-94 Explorer

PART# 34-5020-04

Qty: Each

Fits: 06-07 H3 Hummer

PART# 60-65047

Qty: Each

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Fits: 2005+ Ford 250/350/450/550, Excursion

PART# 34-5020-35

Qty: Each

Fits: 88-98 Gm C/K , 99+ Silverado, 99+ Suburban, 99+ Tahoe, Hummer H2

PART# 34-5010-15

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Fits: 91-95 Nissan Pathfin., 94-96 Truck

PART# 34-5010-31

Qty: Each

Fits: 93-96 Ford Ranger, 95-96 Explorer

PART# 34-5020-05

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Fits: 78-98 Ford Full Size (With Hydroboost)

PART# 34-5010-07H

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Mile Marker 459 S/S 1 Ton Hubs

Mile Marker 8502 Winch Cover

Mile Marker Locking Hubs Jeep CJ Pair

Mile Marker 104 Replacement Stainless Steel Lock Out Hubs: Pair Dana 44

HONDA FORMAN 400 / 450 ATV/UTV Winch Mount KIT Honda Forman 95-04 MILE MARKER

If you're going to get into a jam, make sure you can get out of it as well. Mile Marker makes this possible by offering tough winches, winch mounts, and 4x4 lockout hubs that can handle all the abuse you can throw at them. In addition, Mile Marker makes 4x2 conversion kits for your full-time 4x4, allowing you to utilize four wheel-drive only when you want it or need it. Andy's Auto Sport carries the complete catalog of Mile Marker products to handle your off-road adventuring needs.

Your truck, SUV, or Jeep can never be too prepared for its next outing, which is why Mile Marker products are so great. The company's winches can get you out of some sticky situations, and its lockout hubs can make sure that your front wheels stay engaged on treacherous terrain. Mile Marker's hydraulic winch is the only one approved for military Humvee use, so we're confident that the company knows how to build parts that last.
Mile Marker not only manufactures heavy-duty electric and hydraulic winches, but also produces mounting solutions such as complete grill guards with built-iin winch mounts and hitch receiver winch mounts for an easily removable setup. Mile Marker makes your hitch installation as effortless as possible with its creative mounts, which can accommodate up to a 12,000-pound winch.
Mile Marker is a well establish, highly regarded company in both the automotive aftermarket and OEM sectors. They are ISO certified and even manufacture products for the US Military. So if you buy a Mile Marker winch product, your truck is going to be equipped like a military vehicle!

There are a few things to consider when choosing a Mile Marker winch product:

1) Do you want an electric winch, or a hydraulic winch? Both winches are strong and can pull some massive amounts of weight, but these are the key distinctions between them:

Electric Winches:
*More affordable
*Might experience interruption due to over-use or extreme weather conditions

Hydraulic Winches:
*More expensive
*Powered by the power steering pump, which is built to withstand every type of abuse without failure
*Will operate virtually endlessly without interruption, no matter what the weather or usage level is

So in other words, if you want to use a winch to pull your way through the entire Rubicon Trail uninterrupted, go for the hydraulic winch! If, on the other hand, you need a winch that can get the job done but you are not expecting to over-use it, then the electric winch will be perfectly adequate.

2) Once you have made a choice about electric or hydraulic, the next choice is which variation of either you want. Mile Marker makes the following variations (each with different pulling capacities):

*H Series – If you want to have total flexibility with your winch, be able to move it around on your truck (or even move it to another truck), and be able to have multi-directional motor positions, then this is the choice for you. This is great for someone looking for a professional-level recovery system. For the H Series winches, solenoid control valves are sold separately (but are required to install and operate the winch).
*HI Series – If you want an efficient install and have a location on your truck where you want the winch permanently installed, then this is the best choice. This winch comes with the solenoid control valve.

*Tough Series – The original electric winch designed by Mile Marker, this system is tried and true. It may have been designed years ago, but the system works and the value is solid. It has a single speed.
*X-Series – This is like the new-and-improved version of the Tough Series winch. It has a newer design, is more space-efficient, and is easier to install. This system has variable speed controls.
*V-Series – Just recently released by Mile Marker, this winch is their fastest winch ever. It also includes waterproof sealing. If you are looking for the best-looking winch with the absolute best performance of all, this is the winch for you.

3) Once you know which winch you want, you need to make sure you buy all the mounting hardware to be able to install it on your truck. Your options are:

*Bumper/Grill Guard Mount – Mount your winch to your truck using a stylish and functional grill guard that has the mount built into it.

*Hidden Mount – This is used in conjunction with one of their Bumper/Grill Guard mounts. If you want to conceal and protect the winch, you can use this mount.

*Receiver Cradle Mount – This mount is detachable and uses your hitch receiver to mount to the truck. So it can be attached to the rear of your vehicle (if you have a properly rated 2-inch hitch receiver), and it can also be attached to the front if you also buy a Mile Marker Front Receiver Hitch. So if you buy the Front Receiver Hitch and the Cradle Mount, you can effectively move the mount/winch to either the front or rear of your vehicle as needed.

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