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Fits: 1976-1981 Pontiac Firebird

PART# 7-127-BL

Retail: $80.44
Qty: Kit

Fits: 88-91 Honda Civic, 88-91 Honda CRX

PART# 8-507

Retail: $11.96
Qty: Each

Fits: 1967-1981 Chevrolet Camaro , 1967-1981 Pontiac Firebird

PART# 7-1121-BL

Retail: $31.73
Qty: Set

Fits: 67-91 Chevrolet Blazer Full Size

PART# 7-1001-BL

Retail: $52.91
Qty: Each

Fits: 95-01 Ford Explorer 2/4WD

PART# 6-1131

Retail: $44.44
Qty: Each

Fits: 86-91 Mazda RX-7 (w/o Shells)

PART# 12-202-BL

Retail: $19.02
Qty: Each

Fits: 82-02 Chevrolet Blazer 2WD, 82-02 Chevrolet S-10 2WD, 82-02 GMC Jimmy 2WD

PART# 7-1138-BL

Retail: $37.38
Qty: Each

Fits: 92-96 Lexus SC300 / SC400

PART# 18-304-BL

Retail: $127.73
Qty: Each

Fits: 79-98 Ford Mustang (w/o Shells, Front Lower Oval Bushing)

PART# 6-302

Retail: $118.55
Qty: Each

Fits: 1979-1998 Ford Mustang

PART# 6-111-BL

Retail: $55.73
Qty: Kit

Fits: 1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

PART# 7-2042-BL

Retail: $269.62
Qty: Kit

Fits: 1973-1982 Chevrolet Corvette

PART# 7-133-BL

Retail: $71.26
Qty: Kit

If you are looking for top-notch polyurethane components from the folks at Prothane, then you have reached your destination. Prothane is the world leader when it comes to polyurethane bushings and related parts. Andy's Auto Sport is pleased to bring you a huge selection of Prothane products for you to choose from. Our customer service team can guide you through the process of picking the right part for your application, and we can also provide you with technical support including detailed product specifications, fitment charts, photos and installation instructions when they are available.


Worn out bushings and mounts are a common issue on vehicles of all ages. The problem is OEM rubber has a finite lifetime. When exposed to heavy use, heat and other pollutants such as oil or gas, the rubber can break down and cause all sorts of problems from simple vibrations to catastrophic suspension failure. Prothane has developed a product lineup that is superior to standard rubber in almost every way. With increased durability, toughness and resistance to chemicals, Prothane bushings and mounts will last you a lifetime. In addition they are more rigid and will keep your suspension where it should be, which will greatly transform your vehicle's handling abilities. With affordable prices, Prothane urethane components are a great way to upgrade your vehicle.
Prothane was founded back in 1991 as a subsidiary of Dee Engineering. They started out small, but with a unique polyurethane formulation and tremendous engineering capabilities their product lineup, and reputation, quickly grew. Now they have a massive catalog that covers virtually every vehicle imaginable. The folks at Prothane also understand the importance of keeping the customer happy so they pride themselves in offering great technical support as well as standing behind their products 100% with a lifetime warranty. With track proven products that stand up to the harshest abuse it is hard to go wrong with Prothane.
Polyurethane is used to replace the soft OEM rubber bushings that quickly deteriorates and causes decresed ride performance. Urethane bushings allow the vehicle to perform better without the harshness. Available in either red or black.

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