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Fits: 1998-2004 Gmc Sonoma Base, 1998-2004 S10 Pickup Base

PART# 30823

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Fits: 1969-1970 Ford Mustang Base, Boss 429, Grande, Mach 1

PART# 20122

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Fits: 1966-1971 Chrysler 300 Base, 1966-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Base, Gran Coupe, 1966-1974 Plymouth Satellite Base, Brougham, Custom, Regent, Sebring ...

PART# 10127

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Fits: 1955-1974 Jeep Cj5 Base

PART# 10142

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Fits: 1967-1968 Ford Mustang Base

PART# 20121

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Fits: 1992-1996 Corvette Base, 1993-1997 Camaro Z28, 1993-1997 Pontiac Firebird Formula, Trans Am Gt, Trans Am, 1994-1996 Buick Roadmaster Base, Estate, ...

PART# 65105

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Fits: 1987-1988 V30 Pickup Base, 1987-1991 Gmc V3500 Pickup Base, 1988-2000 Gmc K3500 Pickup Base, Sierra Xc, Sierra, 1989-1991 V3500 Pickup Base

PART# 30702

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Fits: 1955-1957 Bel Air Base, 1955-1957 Two-Ten Series Base

PART# 20106

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Fits: 1967-1972 Gmc K35/K3500 Pickup Base, 1968-1972 K30 Pickup Base

PART# 10206

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Fits: 1967-1968 Camaro Base

PART# 20101

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Fits: 1991-1992 Jeep Comanche Base, Pioneer, 1991-1995 Jeep Wrangler (87-95Yj) Base, Islander, Rio Grande, S, Sahara, Se, 1991-1998 Jeep Cherokee (Xj) ...

PART# 65141

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When is a wire not just a wire? When it's a part of a Painless Performance wiring harness, that's when. Precise color-coding and labeling make each Painless product a joy to install, from complete chassis and engine harnesses to switch panels, fuse blocks, and even performance alternators. Andy's Auto Sport knows that another thing that makes new parts enjoyable is getting them at a great price with a hassle-free ordering process, so we strive to give you what you want for the best deal around.

No one likes fumbling with confusing wiring. It's bad enough with an aftermarket stereo, and is an absolute nightmare when dealing with chassis, fuel system, or engine wiring. Painless Performance has truly earned its name with products that make wiring simple for even the most inexperienced of us, giving professional-level results each and every time.
If you've been wanting to install a late-model fuel-injected drivetrain into your classic vehicle, Painless Performance makes it easy. Whether you're going with throttle body injection or the latest LS7 monster engine, Painless has the harness and accessories you need for a seamless installation, including custom flash programming once you have installed your harness and full compatibility with your manual or computer-controlled automatic transmission.
While it's true that there are a lot of wiring harness kits and accessories available in the market, there aren't many, if any, that are as easy to use as Painless Performance. We've actually purchased wiring kits that were less expensive than Painless, hoping to save a few bucks, but after purchasing all of the plugs and connectors needed for the installation, we really didn't save much money. In fact, we probably spent more money on gas chasing down the parts that would have been included with a Painless kit than we would have spent just by going with Painless in the first place! So whether you're wiring up a fresh hot rod build, or swapping in a late-model engine into your classic truck, Painless Performance will keep your ride on the road.

Andy's Auto Sport, Auto Parts & Supplies  New, Morgan Hill, CA

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