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DJM Suspension Products

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Fits: 99-04 Excursion, 99-12 Superduty, 99-12 Superduty

PART# DB3015-3

Retail: $716.57
Qty: Pair

Fits: 68-72 C-10 With 2.5″ Wide Rear Leaf Spring

PART# DJM1012-3/5

Retail: $341.66
Qty: Kit

Fits: Astro (This kit is for Astro’s with composite rear leaf springs only!), Safari

PART# DJM1027-2/3

Retail: $440.89
Qty: Kit

Retail: $666.85
Qty: Kit

Retail: $33.02
Qty: Kit

Retail: $772.69
Qty: Kit

Fits: 2007 GM

PART# DJM2017-2/2

Retail: $433.93
Qty: Kit

Retail: $777.10
Qty: Kit

Retail: $38.53
Qty: Kit

Fits: 95-99 Tahoe (2 Door Only), 95-99 Yukon (2 Door Only)

PART# DJM1029-2D

Retail: $772.69
Qty: Kit

Fits: 07-12 Sierra, 07-12 Silverado

PART# RK2507-5

Retail: $303.03
Qty: Kit

Fits: 2007 GM

PART# DJM2017-2/3

Retail: $549.69
Qty: Kit

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DJM Suspension Pinion Angle Shim ACC-6PSK

DJM Suspension - Lowering Upper Control Arms (1998-2007)

DJM Suspension Axle Shims Pinion Angle Aluminum 4 Degree 2.50" Wide Pair

DJM Suspension Lowering Springs Front Silver Powdercoated Chevy GMC C1500 Pickup

DJM Suspension Lowering Springs Front Silver Powdercoated Ford F-150 Pickup Pair

DJM builds lowering parts you can trust, such as drop spindles, drop I-beams (which it calls Dream Beams), lowering springs, torsion bar keys, shackles, hangers, flip kits, lowering blocks, and control arms. Each of these parts are available separately, or in convenient kits that include everything you need to lower your truck or SUV in one package. Andy's Auto Sport is a proud dealer of tough DJM Suspension products.

The staff at Andy's Auto Sport has used DJM Suspension products on some of its own projects with great success, including a few classic trucks that needed some serious height reduction. DJM offers some great parts that are built to strict tolerances and made to install with ease. Details such as included grease packets and twin tube bushing sleeves (on CalMax control arms) are what make DJM Suspension a favorite among custom truck enthusiasts everywhere.
DJM Suspension is the only manufacturer to make round-tube suspension beams for Ford trucks. This slip-fit construction eliminates the warping sometimes found in steel-plate lowering beams due to the long weld beads needed to manufacture them. Since there is basically no alignment adjustment to be made with a beam suspension, it is especially important to maintain suspension component accuracy, which is why DJM Suspension puts so much effort into every Dream Beam it produces.
DJM has been designing and building lowering suspension kits since 1982. If you don’t want to fool around with trying to figure out which individual parts will work best for you just use the application tables to find the DJM kit number for your truck. Complete kits have EVERYTHING you need to install a full suspension drop kit. No surprises, no batteries not included moments, just a complete kit.

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