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Qty: 8

Fits: Dodge SRT-4/Neon - Single Groove, Dodge SRT-4 - Single Groove

PART# BC3160

Qty: 8

Fits: Dodge SRT-4/Neon - Single Groove, Dodge SRT-4 - Single Groove

PART# BC3161

Qty: 8

Fits: Nissan VR38DETT

PART# BC8025

Qty: Pair

Fits: Mitsubishi 4G63 Eclipse, Mitsubishi 4G63 Evo

PART# BC3104

Qty: 8

Fits: Acura B18C/B16A/B17A, Honda B18C/B16A/B17A


Qty: Each

Fits: Dodge SRT-4

PART# BC0162

Qty: Pair

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Brian Crower BC3100 BC3101 Valves 4G63 Intake & Exhaust Std. Evo BC Valve

240sx Camshafts Stage 3 Ka24de Brian Crower 272/272

Brian Crower BC2944 Valve Locks Mitsubishi 4G63 EVO 1-9 DSM Eclipse Talon Laser

Brian Crower Springs and titanium retainers for 2003-2005 Dodge srt-4 2.4 L.

Brian Crower Titanium Retainers 92-00 Civic & Del Sol SOHC D16 D16Y8 D16Z6

If you are searching for competition engine parts from Brian Crower Inc. you are in luck. Brian Crower makes great aftermarket internal engine components aimed at folks who demand quality parts at affordable prices. At Andy's Auto Sport we are pleased to bring you Brian Crower performance parts at amazing prices. We have great customer service and can provide technical guidance including part descriptions and specifications, dyno sheets, installation instructions and pictures when they are available. We will help you choose the right parts to build a great motor and we will get them to you quickly.

Brian Crower is a popular name with racers and tuners alike. Using exacting tolerances and state of the art CNC grinding machines the company turns out some of the finest internal engine components for modern engines available on the market. As a bonus the parts are priced reasonably so that even the hobby level enthusiast can afford to build a killer motor. If you are tired of being left in the dust and want to put some serious grunt under your hood Brian Crower Inc. can help you out with individual parts or a full blown stroker kit to put you at the front of the pack.
Brian Crower didn't wake up one day and decide to start making parts for engines. He was literally born into the industry as part of the famous Crower Cams family. If that isn't enough to prove his merit Brian Crower also worked as a mechanic in the Indy Car series for several years. With that kind of background and lineage you know that Brian Crower Inc. was destined to be a great company. They have provided internal engine components for thousands of successful racers and continue to be a force showing dominance in many racing events like Time Attack. Recently Tyler McQuarrie set a lap record at Buttonwillow, California driving his Crower powered Acura NSX in a Time Attack event. If you are looking to build a champion, look to Brian Crower Inc.
There are few companies in the modern motorsports industry as active and well-recognized as Brian Crower, Inc (people in the know just call it "BC"). The company has infused itself within the sport compact performance community, creating go-fast parts for some of the most popular engine platforms on the street or track. In fact, few companies can compare with Brian Crower's vast selection of engine components, making it the brand of choice for many performance auto enthusiasts.

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