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ZEX™ Power Racer™ Spark Plugs (Set Of 8)

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Part#: 82071-8

  ZEX™ Power Racer™ Spark Plugs (Set Of 8)


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Igniter Core™ Spark Plugs - You've heard the hype about platinum and iridium, and while these materials are durable, there's a performance trade-off due to their high electrical and thermal resistance. ZEX™ Igniter Core™ Technology uses copper, surrounded by a durable nickel shell, to conduct electricity and heat over 5 times better than platinum and almost 3 times better than iridium. The result is more horsepower producing spark energy and greater detonation resistance than platinum or iridium can deliver. Another groundbreaking development is Clean Fire™ Technology. It uses the spark from three additional ground straps to super-clean the center electrode. This burns off excess carbon and ensures you get maximum ignition power and superior resistance to fouling. Two different types of plugs have been developed with optimized heat ranges for your specific modifications and power levels. For engines with bolt-on performance parts and computer tuning, up to 400 HP, our Power Tune™ (One Step Colder) Spark Plug is for you. If you have an engine with a nitrous system, blower or turbo, our Power Racer™ (Two Steps Colder) Spark Plug will maximize performance in engines up to 700 HP.
Q: Do spark plugs come in sets of 4?
A: Spark plugs are sold individually (unless otherwise noted) and should be replaced all at the same time.

Q: What are spark plugs? Why buy spark plugs?
A: Spark plugs create a spark in the combustion chamber of the engine, igniting the fuel and air mixture and getting the engine running. When you're running a higher horsepower motor, spark plugs play a big role. A colder heat range plug (which is what more aftermarket spark plugs are) has less insulation; it cools off faster between firing and the introduction of a fresh charge of the air/fuel mixture. A hot plug can ignite the air/fuel mixture before the plug actually fires. This is called pre-ignition, a form of detonation, and can destroy a motor. When upgrading the power of your vehicle, make sure to look into a colder range spark plug.

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