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TYC Cabin Air Filter (W/ Particulate Type Filter)

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Part#: CAF-SUIM02-P

  TYC Cabin Air Filter (W/ Particulate Type Filter)

Fits On:

02-07 Subaru Impreza, 02-07 Subaru Outback Sport

This is a direct replacement for the factory part. TYC makes products that are designed to be factory-grade parts. TYC parts allow you to replace factory parts on your vehicle without needing to go directly to your local dealership and paying top dollar to get them. This is a very affordable alternative to buying the factory-made part from your local dealership when it comes time to replace it.
One of the most trusted names in aftermarket automotive parts is TYC, a Genera brand. They make OEM-replica products to the exact same specifications as the original parts themselves. They make their parts overseas, and even though their parts are virtually identical to the OEM factory parts, you end up paying what averages out to be about a quarter of the price most times! TYC has been making OEM-grade aftermarket parts for a very long time, and is a name you can trust in the automotive industry.
Q: What is a cabin air filter? Why buy one?
A: Just like engine air filters help keep the air that your motor breaths clean and free from debris, cabin air filters help keep the air you breathe inside of your vehicle free from dust, pollen and other harmful particles. When you drive down the highway there are tons of harmful exhaust fumes and other particulates that are circulating in the air. If your cabin air filter is old or missing, you are breathing in many of these particles, which can be detrimental to your health. Just as you replace your engine air filter at regular intervals it is crucial to replace your cabin air filter frequently as well in order to maintain your health and reduce the risk of getting sick. If your vehicle is equipped with a cabin air filter that has not been recently replaced, we highly recommend fitting a replacement unit; your body will thank you for it.

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