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Tokico Blue Shock - Non-adjustable - Front Left

Part#: HB3244

Adjustability : Non-adjustable

  Tokico Blue Shock - Non-adjustable - Front Left

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Fits On:

05-10 Scion tC

"Tokico Blues" are some of the most famous shocks in the world. Also known as the HP Series by Tokico, these shocks cater particularly well to lowered vehicles or vehicles with really large and heavy rims.

Some of the improvements you can expect from buying Tokico Blues:

*Ride Quality
*Steering Response
*Cornering Ability
*Braking Ability

Tokico Blues utilize piston rods that are hardened, chrome-plated, and micro-polished for smoother operations and long life.

In the product name and description, we sometimes use the word shock to refer to the strut. Some vehicles use struts, and for those vehicles the shock-absorbing unit you will be sent will technically be a strut. The unit is specifically designed for your vehicle.
TOKICO LTD., has been manufacturing shock absorbers, brake parts, and other hydraulics for over 50 years. The company has been and continues to be a major original equipment supplier to a variety of auto manufacturers, which gives you an idea of the quality of their products. Responding to auto manufacturers' demands for a shock that could provide both good stability and good ride quality, TOKICO developed the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock absorber. TOKICO began working on this technology in the mid 1970's. There are two types of gas-pressurized shocks, monotube high-pressure and twin-tube low-pressure. Generally, a twin-tube low-pressure shock provides a better ride for a given level of control compared to a monotube high-pressure style.

TOKICIO’s blue HP Series are premium non-adjustable performance shocks and struts. They offer superior performance and traction with ride quality that’s equal or superior to the original ride.

For the serious enthusiast, Tokico offers their adjustable Illimuna series shcoks/struts, which have a five-setting adjustable range. The owner can make adjustments to change the handling and ride quality of the vehicle.

Springs, linkage, and pivot bushings allow your vehicle's suspension to have motion. But something is needed to eliminate too much motion. Without proper control, the suspension motion will become excessive and even violent. This is where Tokico shocks come in.
Q: How do you install shocks/struts?
A: Shocks are easier to install because there are only two bolts holding in each shock absorber. Struts are a bit more difficult because there is a compressed spring that needs to be removed first. Once the spring has been removed the new strut can be installed with the OEM or aftermarket spring re-installed.

Q: Do shocks come in sets of 4?
A: Struts and shocks are sold individually on our website, but purchasing should always be done in pairs at the minimum (one pair for the front, one for the rear). Most people replace all four shocks/struts at once.

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