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TEIN Mono Flex Damper

  TEIN Mono Flex Damper

For 4

Part#: GSA86-F1SS4

Coilovers Type : Full Coilover Systems

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TEIN Mono Flex Damper

For 4

Part#: GSA86-F1SS4

Coilovers Type : Full Coilover Systems

  TEIN Mono Flex Damper


Fits On:

04-08 Acura TSX (CL9)

Sport Spec Winding Master

EDFC Motor Part #: EDK05-12120

Spring Rates
Front Part # SL160-01200: 16 kgf/mm, 895 lbs/inch
Rear Part # SL100-01200: 10 kgf/mm, 559 lbs/inch

Ride Height
Front: -47 mm, -1.9 inch
Rear: -34 mm, -1.3 inch

Ride Height Adjust Range
Front Min: -10mm, -0.4 inch
Front Max: -101mm, -4inch
Rear Min: -12mm, -0.5 inch
Rear Max: -56mm, -2.2inch

The MONO FLEX coilover kit has been developed for entry-level competition motorsports and advanced street driving. Features include 16-way damping force adjustability (combined compression and rebound), a mono-tube internal design, pillowball upper mounts, and EDFC compatibility. There are independent adjustments for ride-height and spring pre-load settings for increased suspension tuning. The new Mono Flex also includes TEIN's latest technological innovation, Micro Speed Valving (MSV) system, which allows the driver to feel a greater difference in damping force adjustments. Designed and developed for consumers seeking aggressive handling on the street and at the track.

Upper Mount w/ Camber Adjustment
Upper mounts are included for front and rear. TEIN utilizes various designs of upper mounts to increase steering response while still maintaining quiet operation. Most kits include an aluminum upper plate with NWB pillowball, while some applications use an aluminum upper plate with hardened rubber bushing (reduced noise).

*Vehicles with a strut type front design, a camber plate is incorporated into the mount, which gives 0-3 degrees of camber adjustment depending on the application.

Damping Force Adjustable
Damper includes 16 - way damping force adjustment for both front and rear coilovers. Compression and rebound is adjusted simultaneously for ease of adjustment. Adjustment is made externally via a Click Assembly, and made internally via a needle valve which allows or restricts oil flow. Damping force can be changed to tune ride feel (comfort/ performance level), and/or used to adjust handling characteristics (neutral, over-steer, under-steer, etc).

Full Length Adjustable:

Vehicle ride height and spring pre-load can be adjusted independently. Ride height is adjustable in two ways: a. adjustable shock length, and b. adjustable spring seat.
a. The lower mounting bracket can be adjusted, thus changing the overall length of the shock, and therefore altering the vehicle's ride height. This also allows the user to determine suspension travel and droop.
b. The adjustable spring seat allows for independent adjustment of spring pre-load without affecting vehicle ride height.

Aluminum spring seats are utilized to reduce ceasing of spring seat to threaded body, and for improved durability.

Mono Tube Internal Design
A Mono Tube internal design is utilized for increased oil capacity, improved heat dissipation, and larger valving. Other features of the Mono Tube design are quieter operation, and ability to use stiffer spring rates for racing applications. Increased rigidity on strut type vehicles, in which an inverted coilover construction is utilized.
TEIN offers ideal suspension systems for drivers who want quicker and better response to drive freely through turns and who are in pursuit of ultimate driving experience. It gives your vehicle the road holding which allows you to drive as you always imagined.

Tein is a company that has helped create the very definition of the sport compact car aftermarket. All Tein products are made in Japan, and their brand name is legendary.

Q: How do you install coilovers?
A: Depending if you opt to go with the full coilover systems or the coilover sleeves, the spring and strut housing will need to be removed. Once the factory coil springs and struts are removed they can be replaced with the full coilover setup. If you're using a coilover sleeve then the factory spring will be removed from the strut setup and replaced with the coilover sleeve unit. A professional shop should install your coilovers as an alignment and corner-balancing services will need to be done at the same time the installation is completed.

Q: What do coilovers do? Why buy coilovers?
A: Coilovers allow you to lower your car and give you the ability to make adjustments in ride height. As opposed to lowering springs, which have a pre-determined, un-changing ride height, coilovers can be adjusted. This can be very valuable because if you don't know the exact ride height that will be optimal for your car, buying coilovers gives you the ability to adjust the right height and make it just right. Additionally, if you want to change your ride height based on different driving conditions, coilovers of course allow you to do so.

Q: Will I need a camber kit after installing coilovers?
A: In some cases you will not need a camber kit, as long as your local alignment can be put back into proper specifications. If not, a camber kit will help by allowing additional adjustment beyond what your factory alignment parts are capable of.

Q: Do coilovers come in sets of 4?
A: Coilovers are only sold in sets of four.

Q: Why is there such a huge price difference between some coilovers? Are there different types of coilovers?
A: There are two different kinds of coilovers: full coilover systems and coilover sleeves. Coilover sleeves are just the adjustable coils themselves. If you already have shocks or struts and have a camber kit that you're content with, then just buying the coilover sleeves will be adequate. Also, if you are looking for adjustable lowering components that are inexpensive, coilover sleeves are the way to go. Full coilover systems on the other hand come with not only the adjustable coils, but also with replacement shocks or struts and with a built-in camber adjuster. Full coilover systems let you drop your car and maintain or improve ride quality, and maintain even camber. The shocks that are built into full coilovers are specifically made for lowered cars, so they will ensure a great ride quality.

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