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SPL Carbon Fiber Widebody Body Kit

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Part#: SPL CFWB Z32

  SPL Carbon Fiber Widebody Body Kit


Fits On:

90-96 Nissan 300ZX (Z32)

Kit includes:

•Front Fascia

•2 x Front Fenders

•2 x Front Fender Top Vents

•2 x Sideskirts

•2 x Rear Fender Flares

•(Nose panel between headlights not included. Wing sold separately)

Manufacturing Process Description from Fulcrum:

"All Z parts are built off of molds built by Fulcrum to SPL's design criteria. All molds were custom made, not copied from other parts. The molds have a glossy gelcoat finish to provide smooth parts.
The parts themselves do not have gelcoat to save on weight, and those unsightly cracks we've all seen on cheap parts.
Two layers of raw carbon fabric go into the mold first. The first layer is a 3k twill weave, followed by a thicker structural angled-weave that is custom made for Fulcrum. Key areas then get a foam-like core to create bulk and thickness while minimizing weight. This core is followed by two more layers of carbon.

These 4 carbon layers form the part. We then vacuum bag the part to at least 22 inches of vacuum, then vacuum infuse our resin. We use super slow epoxy, which requires a 12 hour bake in the oven to cure (the resin is typically liquid for at least 4 hours). This slow cure allows plenty of time for the vacuum (which is maintained throughout the cure) to pull out excess epoxy to achieve an ideal fiber to resin ratio and ultra light parts. Typically, we pull back out 30-35% of the resin we infuse with.

The resulting finish is slightly matte, and is often referred to as "dry carbon". With some effort, the parts can be painted with an automotive clear-coat to achieve the brilliant luster that carbon fiber is capable of, and far superior to gel coat. This comes at a weight penalty, but is recommended for street cars, as the raw carbon has no UV stabilizers.
Alternatively, the parts can easily be painted with any automotive grade primer and color-matched to your body color. With either coating method, we highly recommend scuffing the parts with 400 grit paper, and a heavy wash in lacquer thinner to remove any residual mold release."

Please contact us to arrange shipping. Shipping times may vary depending on current stock of this item and length of time to produce each kit. This is a limited production item.

Q: I see the same style of body kit listed under different brand names. What's the difference?
A: Indeed, you will sometimes see the same exact style of body kit listed under two or more different brands on our website. In this case, it means that the exact same style is just made by more than one manufacturer. Each of the body kit manufacturers whose product line we carry is an elite body kit brand, yet each has its own unique manufacturing process. Read about this manufacturer section under the detail product listing for each brand to learn more about each. Also feel free to contact us to ask any other questions you might have.

Q: Are body kits and ground effects the same thing?
A: Yes. Ground effects, body kits, spoiler kits, bumper kits and aero kits are all terms that mean the exact same thing.

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