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Skunk2 Forged Lug Nut 12 X 1.25 (Set Of 16)

For 16

Part#: 520-99-0826

Color : Chrome

  Skunk2 Forged Lug Nut 12 x 1.25 (Set of 16)


Fits On:
00-04 Nissan Xterra, 02-Up Nissan Altima, 02-Up Subaru Impreza WRX, 03-Up Subaru Baja, 05-Up Nissan Frontier, 05-Up Nissan Pat... See more

Skunk2 Racing lug nuts are forged from super strong AL7075 aluminum/magnesium alloy and hard-anodized with knurled ends for better grip. Skunk2 Racing lug nuts are ultra-lightweight and strong and have been proven in all forms of racing. Use with Skunk2 Racing extended wheel studs for best performance. 24mm outer diameter.
At Skunk2 Racing their goal is to build the highest quality and best performing aftermarket parts for today's sport compact cars. Skunk2 Racing products are designed for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. Drawing on nearly a decade of experience in the sport compact industry, they are able to create products that cater to the needs of the true enthusiast. As part of their commitment to continually build the best products, Skunk2 Racing remains actively involved in various forms of motorsports. Racing provides them with the data necessary to produce high performance parts utilizing innovative design, advanced metal alloys, cutting-edge manufacturing methods, and stringent quality control measures. All Skunk2 Racing products are carefully planned and designed using the latest computer simulation and modeling techniques, followed by careful testing in controlled laboratory environments using state of the art equipment. Furthermore, each product is subjected to rigorous road and race testing to ensure proper performance in the most extreme conditions. For these reasons, top street cars and race cars around the world rely on Skunk2 Racing products.

If you aren't yet convinced of the quality of Skunk 2 products, check out their track record:

• 1999 - Skunk 2 finished in drag racing with a perfect season.

• 2000 - The Skunk2 Integra was the first naturally aspirated car to run 10 seconds; it would take another year and a half for the competition to do the same.

• 2000, 2001, and 2002 - All Hondas finishing on the podium in World Challenge utilized Skunk2 parts or Skunk2 engines.

• 2005 - Marked the return of Project Beta and the Skunk2 Team once again redefined the standard of speed and performance by smashing its own records.
Q: What are lug nuts? Why buy them?
A: Lug nuts are the crucial pieces that connect your wheels to your vehicle. While factory lug nuts may do an adequate job on a stock machine, aftermarket wheels and performance upgrades often require upgraded lug nuts to match. High performance lug nuts are designed for the rigors of high speed driving to provide maximum strength to keep your wheels secure. In addition these lug nuts are light weight which reduces rotational mass and unsprung weight to maximize your vehicle’s performance and handling characteristics. Available in a host of different finishes and designs you can find the perfect lug nuts to give ride a distinctive look that is the perfect match for your wheels. In addition lug nuts are an affordable upgrade for even budget minded enthusiasts.

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